Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2626

Whatever was stolen would be lost in the end.
A few hours later,
The plane landed safely.
Matriarch Farrell immediately took out her mobile phone and turned off airplane mode.
After turning off airplane mode, she received a strange message on her phone.
The content of the message was: ‘I really didn’t expect that your husband is quite good in bed despite his age. Can you still
satisfy your husband?’
Seeing this message, Matriarch Farrell’s face turned pale.
At her age, she had long stopped being interested in things between men and women.
And she was very busy. She was exhausted every day when she came back. How could she still be in the mood to discuss
matters between men and women with her husband?
The couple didn’t know how long it had been since they had any intimate contact.
But she knew that her husband was old-hearted and that his body functions were quite good. Her husband knew how to take
care of himself. Although he had very little pocket money, he could usually get whatever he wanted to eat at home by just asking
the chef.
It’s no wonder that he’s not in good health after taking so many supplements.
When he was young, he wanted to cheat, but Matriarch Farrell gave him a severe lesson, and he seemed to be honest on the
surface. At least from his youth to now, he had never really cheated on his body, and she couldn’t control his mental cheating.
Unexpectedly, she had only been in Wiltspoon for more than half a month, and her husband would cheat on her both physically
and mentally.
Matriarch Farrell did not reply to the message but called home directly. The butler answered the call.

She asked the butler, “Is sir at home?”
“Sir is not at home, Madam; why didn’t you call him?” The butler asked in confusion.
Matriarch Farrell went to Wiltspoon to attend Zachary’s wedding. She left for more than half a month. Starting from the third day,
Holden Janzen left early and came back late every day. Before going out every day, he would dress up to look younger and more
handsome. When he came back, he would be in a good mood, sometimes even humming a tune.
The butler noticed this and reminded Holden in a subtle way not to do anything that would disgrace Matriarch Farrell.
Holden said that he was just gathering with friends and would not do anything to disgrace Matriarch Farrell.
No matter how much the butler gained Matriarch Farrell’s trust, he was just a butler. However, Holden was the husband of
Matriarch Farrell. He had three sons and one daughter with Matriarch Farrell, so Butler was not qualified to control Holden.
The butler then told Shiloh to remind Holden, but he didn’t expect to be scolded by her.
As for Kathryn, the butler didn’t say anything. He knew it would be useless because Holden didn’t take Kathryn seriously.
“I thought he was at home; okay, I’ll call his cell phone.”
Matriarch Farrell did not tell the butler that she had returned to Jensburg. She came back early.
The butler asked her, “Madam, when will you come back? Miss Shiloh said you would come back yesterday.”
Matriarch Farrell said calmly, “I’ll go back when I’m done. Is everything normal at home? Are the three young ladies still making
trouble with the young masters?”
“Last time, the eldest young master and the eldest young mistress had a fierce fight. When the eldest young mistress came
back, she scolded the eldest young master. Miss Kathryn opened the owner’s warehouse, picked up three sets of jewelry, gave
them to the three young mistresses, and talked with them again. It’s a little better now.”
Kathryn was on the side of three young mistresses.
Now the attitudes of three young mistresses towards Kathryn, the real sister-in-law, have become much better. They were
beginning to be dissatisfied with Shiloh and target her.

They scolded Shiloh for being vicious. Shiloh had known for a long time that her three older brothers were cheating on them, and
she had helped them hide it. After the sisters-in-law found out, they actually said that men are doing business outside and
sometimes need to play along.
The three young mistresses were so angry.

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