Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2628

Holden was always complaining when he talked about it.
Matriarch Farrell said impatiently, “Okay, okay, you can’t take care of it. I will take care of it when I get back.”
With that said, Matriarch Farrell hung up the phone.
After that, she immediately sent a message to her assistant and asked her assistant to help her find out where Holden was
stealing food.
She called home first, but the butler clearly said that Holden was not at home.
Holden was obviously lying.
Even if the phone’s battery was running low, a charger was available on the first floor. Holden required a phone charge on the
second floor?
People nowadays couldn’t live without their mobile phones for even a minute.
The assistant replied to Matriarch Farrell within a few minutes.
Holden was at the Fortress Hotel at the moment.
The Fortress Hotel was a hotel located in Jensburg under the York Corporation. It often competed with the Greenrest Hotel
diagonally across the street. They were both the highest-end hotels in Jensburg.
A ball of fire shot up from the heart of Matriarch Farrell, and her face became more and more ugly.
The consumption at the Fortress Hotel was high, and her husband logically did not have that much money to spend there.
But Holden was in the Fortress Hotel. The money to stay in the hotel was either Shiloh’s filial piety or her sons’ filial piety to him.
How good!
While she was not at home, both of them did things that were sorry for her!
Matriarch Farrell coldly ordered the taxi driver: “Driver, I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to the Fortress Hotel. I’ll give you double
the fare.”

The taxi driver smiled and said, “You don’t need to double the fare. It’s closer to the Fortress Hotel than to the Farrell Group.”
Matriarch Farrell did not speak.
At the same time,
Kevin went back to Queen Enterprise and ran to the president’s office. He knocked on the door and pushed it open before
waiting for Hayden to answer.
Hayden looked up and saw it was Kevin, then lowered her head to do her thing.
Kevin said, “Hayden, are you busy? Put it down for now. Let’s go. I’ll take you to see a good show. It will definitely be a wonderful
Hayden didn’t even raise her head. “I don’t have time.”
After a pause, she asked, “What good show are you watching?”
“It’s a good show to catch an adulterer. The old man named Holden checked into the Fortress Hotel last night. They only shared
one room with the girl with the angelic face and devilish figure last time. After entering the hotel a few hours later, he left the hotel
later and then came here early this morning and stayed in the hotel all day today.
A few hours ago, I received news from Wiltspoon that Matriarch Farrell was back. No one in the Farrell family knew that she was
coming back today. I calculated the time correctly. As soon as the plane landed, Matriarch Farrell would receive my message. I
asked someone to send a message to Matriarch Farrell’s cell phone using that girl’s tone of voice.
Matriarch Farrell must be here to catch the traitor. Hayden, you should deal with the most important thing quickly. After that is
done, let’s go over and watch the show.”
Kevin used Holden’s cheating to plan this incident and always wanted to drag Hayden to the theater.
Although there was surveillance in the hotel, if Matriarch Farrell took people to catch an adulterer, there would be a lot of trouble.
The surveillance should be able to capture a wonderful show, but what was more exciting than watching a show live?
In Josh’s words, eating melons only tastes good when you eat them at the forefront.
Hayden: “…”

She was actually a little moved and wanted to watch the scene where Matriarch Farrell caught an adulterer.

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