Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2854

Kiera quickly withdrew her hand, not even eating the barbecue, picked up her phone, left Julian, and ran away from the martial
arts hall.
When Julian stood up, Kendrick stopped him from chasing after her.
He turned around and saw that it was Kendrick. He had to say in a good temper, “Brother Kendrick, let me go out and take a
Kendrick said, “Don’t go now. Let my sister calm down and think about it. It’s not that she doesn’t like you. She needs time to
digest the news and accept that you feel for her as a man and a woman, not as a friend.”
Julian said, “It’s very cold outside, and it’s snowing. I’m afraid she will get cold.”
Kendrick said, “You can get cold, but she can’t. We are natives of Yonsburg and have been used to this kind of winter since we
were young. You are different. You came from Wiltspoon. It can be said that there is no winter in Wiltspoon. Kiera won’t be cold;
don’t worry; let her go out to get some air, calm down, and think about it.”
Kendrick knew Kiera very well.
Kendrick added, “You confessed your love all of a sudden. She was not mentally prepared. She was just confused for a moment.
There is no big problem. You are the same; won’t you wait for the time to mature before confessing your love? Send her a
bouquet of flowers, and she will understand you. What’s on your mind?”
Julian pursed his lips and said, “If I give her a bouquet of flowers, she won’t understand what I’m thinking, so I need to say it. If I
don’t say it, she may never understand. If I give her a truckload of bouquets, the first thing she’ll think about is how many flower
cakes these flowers can make.”
Kendrick: “It’s really possible.”
Kiera did not dare and would not think wildly.
If Julian loves her, he must say it and let her know it.
“Brother Kendrick, is Kiera really not running away from me when she goes out in such a hurry? Will she dislike me for being too
old? I am only ten years and four months older than her.”
He was actually eleven years older than her, but if he really counts, he is ten years and four months older.

Kendrick said funnyly, “Who thinks you are old? If you thought you were old, you could still live in my house. My mother would
have kicked you out with a broom. If my mother hadn’t driven you out, we, the brothers, and my father would have kicked you
out. Now I don’t know if she will dislike you. You can ask her later.
It’s actually acceptable to be ten years old. If there is a difference of twenty or thirty years, it would be difficult to accept it.”
Kendrick cursed in his heart: The old mother had long regarded Julian as her son-in-law.
Knowing that Julian really liked Kiera, Mrs. Caron would be very happy when she found out.
When Julian appeared in front of the Caron family for the first time, the Caron family also regarded him as Kiera’s boyfriend.
It turned out that it was really interesting.
“Kiera is not the kind of person who backs down or runs away from things. Don’t worry, she won’t run away.” Kendrick comforted
Julian. Then he asked curiously, “Julian, did you really fall in love with Kiera at first sight?”
Julian silently took out the photo of Kiera he had picked up at the airport. He had always carried that small photo with him. He
handed the small photo of Kiera to Kendrick and said a little embarrassedly, “This is it. I picked it up at Wiltspoon Airport when
Kiera took the children to participate in a martial arts competition in Wiltspoon.
Kendrick said, “This is… the small photo on her keychain. It turns out you picked it up. She said she dropped it, but she couldn’t
find it. She thought she just dropped the key, and she dropped it in Wiltspoon. Don’t be concerned about other people picking it
up. If someone comes to our house to steal something, don’t take it seriously. After she came back, she told us that the door
locks of our house have not been changed yet.”
Kendrick wanted to get the key back, but gave up after thinking about it. He gave the key to Julian along with the small photo on
the buckle and said, “You picked up the key to our house, and the door lock has not been changed. You can come back at night.
You used the key to open the door; it’s really fate; if you pick up the key, you will become a member of my family.”
Julian was afraid that Kendrick would get the photo back, but he didn’t expect that Kendrick would even give him the key.
He quickly took it.

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