Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2856

They couldn’t blame her for treating the men around her as buddies. They treated her as one of their buddies first, okay?
When she first met Julian, when she saw Julian, her heartbeat would speed up and she would have random thoughts. After they
had known each other for a long time, they were no different from her fellow senior brothers when they got along with each other.
When she was alone with Julian again, it felt natural. No more racing heartbeats, no more random thoughts.
She thought that she and Julian had a brotherly relationship, like buddies.
She didn’t expect Julian to say that he loved her.
Kiera felt her face getting hot. She touched her face, patted it, and said to herself, “Kiera, are you shy? Did a man say he liked
you, and you became elated? Calm down, calm down.”
Julian would not worry about domestic violence in the future, like her blind date partners, because he was a very powerful person
in boxing and kicking and could beat her elder brother.
She was no match for the elder brother.
Julian could defeat her eldest brother, which meant that his strength was higher than hers. What should he worry about? On the
contrary, she should worry about it. If she gets into a fight or argument with Julian in the future, Julian might win and defeat her.
The person who was pushed to the ground and rubbed hard.
Kiera sat up from the bed, sat in front of the dressing table, and looked at himself in the mirror.
Looking at it, she smiled and said confidently, “Sister, you are not ugly. Julian is discerning.”
She just didn’t know if she and Julian were suitable.
He was the boss of a big company, and his family was from a wealthy family. The people he came into contact with were either
rich or noble. Although her Caron family was not poor either, in Yonsburg, the Caron family was among the rich. But compared
with the Bucham family, they’re too far apart.
Kiera was worried that Julian wanted her to be fresh and different from the other girls. Once the freshness wore off, he would like
other women.
Men become bad when they have money, and women become rich when they become bad.

Julian was so rich and handsome, and when he treated someone well and showed his heart and soul, it was easy for a woman
to be devoted to him.
Kiera’s mood slowly calmed down.
She decided to take a look first and talk to her parents. Her parents had been here, and she had eaten more salt than she had
eaten rice. If her parents believed in Julian and thought that Julian would not change his mind and thought that Julian was
sincere, then she would safely fall in love with Julian.
Love that is predicated on marriage.
After all, it was rare for her to meet a man who was not afraid of domestic violence in the future.
She must always seize the opportunity. If she misses Julian, she will really be an old aunt for the rest of her life. She will be
remembered by her old mother until her ears fall off.
“knock, knock, knock.”
There was a knock on the door.
“Kiera, are you not feeling well yet? Are you okay?” Mrs. Caron brought a bowl of brown sugar and ginger water upstairs. “I have
prepared brown sugar and ginger water for you; drink a bowl.”
Kiera stood up and opened the door, saying, “Mom, the brown sugar and ginger water you made is so spicy. You may have used
up all the ginger in the house.”
After opening the door, she took the bowl of brown sugar and ginger water from her mother’s hand.
She didn’t even need to drink it; just smell the ginger, and she would know it’s spicy.
No matter how much brown sugar was added, it would still bring out the spiciness of ginger.
Besides, Mrs. Caron didn’t put in too much brown sugar.
“It’s cold. Kiera, why don’t you drink some ginger water? What’s spicy? When you secretly eat spicy strips, I don’t hear you say
they’re spicy. When you eat spicy beef jerky, when you eat sansho chicken feet, why didn’t you say spicy?”

Kiera: “Okay, okay, I’ll drink it; I don’t like it spicy.”
Facing her mother, Kiera had no choice but to surrender.
Everyone in her family except her mother had the surname Caron. However, her mother, who did not have the surname Caron,
had a lot of power over everyone in the family who did.
Who said her father was a strict wife?

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