Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2857

Kiera took the bowl of brown sugar and ginger water back to the room and sat down on the sofa.
“Kiera, are you worried?”
Mrs. Caron followed her, sat down next to her, and asked with concern.
“No.” Kiera did not dare to look at Mrs. Caron for fear that she would see her guilty conscience.
She took a sip of the ginger water. It was so spicy that she was speechless. She shouted, “Mom, did you put all the ginger in the
house? It’s so spicy. It tastes terrible. I don’t want to drink it.”
Mrs. Caron: “You’re abnormal. Drink some brown sugar ginger water to get rid of the cold.”
Kiera: “Well, Mom, I actually lied to you. I’m not abnormal.”
Mrs. Caron glared at her. “Lied to me? You child, how could you lie to me about your health? I’m still thinking of buying a box of
herbal medicines for you to eat.
If you are young and not yet married, if your menstrual period is abnormal, you must go to the doctor and have it corrected so as
not to affect future fertility. Girls should pay attention to the issue of menstrual periods, don’t be shy, and don’t avoid medical
Kiera said, “Mom, do you think I’m the kind of shy person? I’m really fine. It’s just that I came back early and was worried that
you would scold me for being lazy and let my dad deduct my salary, so I made up a lie to deceive you.”
Thank goodness Mrs. Caron wasn’t that quick. Mrs. Caron will scold her very badly if she knows she is lying about buying her
things, letting her take care of herself, or even taking her to the doctor.
“You are thick-skinned, but you don’t look like someone who would be shy.” Mrs. Caron said honestly, “If you have any concerns,
tell me. It’s okay. You won’t come back from getting off work early. By the way, Julian hasn’t come back today yet. He’s usually
home by this time.”
Kiera pursed her lips and said, “Mom, he is a big CEO, and he is busy with work. Maybe he went to socialize in the evening. You
are still so concerned about him. He is just staying at our house, and this is not his home. “
Mrs. Caron looked at her and said meaningfully, “You are so stupid.”

Kiera: “…”
Thinking of Julian’s confession to her, Kiera murmured in her heart. Maybe everyone in the family had noticed it, and then none
of them pointed it out to her, leaving her to treat Julian as a friend.
Kiera: “Mom, what do you think of Julian?”
“It’s unfathomable, but he cares about you from the bottom of his heart. He’s also very kind to us. He respects me and your dad
very much.”
Mrs. Caron had a good impression of Julian.
When she looked at Julian, her future son-in-law, the more she looked at him, the more she liked him.
Julian stayed at Caron’s house, allowing Mrs. Caron to see him every day and get to know him better.
Kiera did not expect that Mrs. Caron would imagine Julian like this. In her opinion, Julian was very forthright, gentle in character,
easy to talk to, and did not seem like an unfathomable person.
When she saw Zachary, Zachary gave her an unfathomable feeling.
Julian didn’t give her that feeling.

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