Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2859

Kiera blushed. She replied in a low voice, “Julian brought us a barbecue just now. Mom, it’s not me who wants to eat it; it’s my
class of students who want to eat it. Julian has always pampered them and bought them whatever they wanted to eat.
It just happened, by the way. Then, while I was eating, Julian suddenly told me that he liked me. He said that it was not between
friends, but between a man and a woman. He said that his like was love. He loves me and wants to marry me.
Oh, he also sent me a bouquet of flowers. First, he asked me what I thought about receiving the bouquet of flowers. I was
thinking of flower cakes.”
Mrs. Caron was staring at Kiera, so she spoke softer and softer. She said innocently, “What he gave me was a bouquet of roses.
There were so many roses. All I could think of was a rose flower cake. It was also he who asked me what I had. I told the truth.”
Mrs. Caron poked her head again angrily. “Why are you so stupid? All you think about is food all day long. It’s not that you like
barbecue; why would Julian buy so much for you? Don’t think that it’s cold and you guys eat barbecue. You won’t get angry; you
will still get angry. I’ll make you a pot of herbal tea later.”
Kiera: “Mom, no need. Julian also bought chrysanthemum tea for everyone. Isn’t chrysanthemum tea also an herbal tea?
Besides, they are used to it and won’t feel angry.”
Mrs. Caron gave up and continued to say, “Julian knows how to buy chrysanthemum tea for you. He is worthy of being by our
After Mrs. Caron finished speaking, she stared at Kiera again. After a long while, she asked her daughter, “Did you run home
because Julian confessed to you so abruptly?”
Kiera was very carefree and had always treated Julian as a good friend. It was normal to be frightened when her love was
suddenly confessed.
“You didn’t reject him, did you?” Mrs. Caron asked nervously, “You cannot accept it for the time being, but you can’t refuse it
directly. Leave yourself a way out. Look at you; you are twenty-four or five years old, and you don’t even have a suitor. You are
so good-looking for nothing. It’s not easy for someone to like you; you have to seize the opportunity.
Julian is pretty good, too. He’s just a few years older than you. Also, he’s from far away. It’s thousands of miles away from our
cloud city. But it’s okay. Your parents are both people who can fly and drive. They’re not afraid of motion sickness. If I want to see
you, I’ll fly there. After all, it’s only a few hours away by plane. As long as he can marry you off, as long as you can marry a good
husband and marry abroad, I will accept it.”

Kiera didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Mom, how don’t you want to see me?
When a mother from another family heard that her daughter was going to marry far away, she was so distressed that she
couldn’t bear to part with her. Mom, it’s better. You also said that you would accept my marriage abroad.”
Mrs. Caron hummed, “Who told you that you couldn’t get married? You can get married, and you can marry a man as good as
Julian. I want to burn incense. There is smoke rising from the ancestral graves of your old Caron family. Finally, you can get
Kiera: “Mom, I’m not married yet. If I marry someone, smoke will rise from my ancestral graves. If I have some great potential,
won’t the old Caron family’s ancestral graves be about to explode?
I didn’t think about rejecting Julian. I just felt surprised for a moment and a little embarrassed to face him. I also have no
experience with being confessed to. I didn’t know how to deal with it, so I could only run out and run home.
Mom, is your food ready? Go and cook. You don’t have to do anything to eat hot pot; the rice has already been cooked.”

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