Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2869

After dinner, Kiera took Julian out for a walk.
After the two left, Kenneth asked Kendrick, “Brother, do you think our sister is a little weird tonight? She is very unnatural. She
blushes all the time. She doesn’t dare to look at Julian. She is different than usual.
Kiera and I have been brothers and sisters for more than 20 years, and I just saw her shy side tonight. It turns out that Kiera can
be shy too. Only when she is shy can she act like a girl. Normally, she acts like a boy, careless and as thick-skinned as a
chopping board.”
Kendrick went to make tea by himself and did not answer his brother immediately.
Mrs. Caron was washing dishes and chopsticks in the kitchen.
Hearing Kenneth’s words, she suddenly came out of the kitchen and said to her two sons, “Come here; Mom wants to tell you
something while Julian is not here.”
“What’s the matter? It’s mysterious, Mom; your expression is very serious. Is it something bad?”
Kenneth came over and asked Mrs. Caron curiously. Seeing her serious expression, he didn’t dare to smile playfully.
Kendrick was still holding the teapot in his hand. He thought something had happened, so he quickly came over and asked with
concern, “Mom, what’s wrong? Did Julian say anything when he came back? He confessed to my sister. My sister was not
prepared at all, so he confessed. My sister was so scared that she ran out of the martial arts gym. I told him not to chase Kiera
and told him to calm down. Now look at the two of them. There seems to be something interesting about it.”
Kenneth turned his head and looked at his eldest brother. “Brother, you said Julian confessed to my sister?”
Mrs. Caron said, “Julian said he was sick. He just confessed everything to Kiera. I went to eavesdrop and didn’t hear it very
clearly. But he said he was really sick. What kind of illness was it? I didn’t hear him clearly. That’s the name of the disease.
Anyway, it’s because of that disease that he’s single to this day.”
“ah!” Both Kendrick and Kenneth shouted.
The expressions of the two people changed quickly. Kenneth shouted, “Isn’t he bad?”

Mrs. Caron: “He seemed to say there was no reaction. I wanted to hear it more clearly. He opened the door at the time and didn’t
close it. I didn’t dare to get too close to eavesdrop, so I couldn’t hear clearly. Alas, now I’m so anxious. You are men, and men
don’t have so many scruples when talking to men.
When they come back later, the two brothers will quietly talk to Julian and ask him what his disease is and whether it can be
cured. Don’t be afraid of medical treatment. We also have many good doctors in Yonsburg. Go there more often. Check it out at
the hospital.”
Both brothers nodded solemnly.
Soon, Kendrick said in a low voice, “Mom, I don’t think that’s the problem. If he really has a problem, he won’t confess it to my
sister. We can all see his feelings for Kiera. He is sincere. How could Kiera be left a widow?”
“So, it can’t be that problem.” Kenneth analyzed it calmly. He also echoed, “Mom, I think the elder brother made a good analysis.
Julian has lived in our house for such a long time. We dare not say that we know him very well, but we can all see his feelings for
Kiera. I’m sure he is sincere. If he truly loves her, how can he be willing to let her live as a widow after marriage? If he really has
a problem in that way, he will not confess to her or harm her.”

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