Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2870

After thinking for a while, Mrs. Caron said, “What you said makes sense, but when Julian comes back, you still have to ask
clearly, so as not to make me feel so anxious and uncomfortable for a long time. Also, Julian likes our Kiera, and they are a
perfect match, but Julian is from a wealthy family, so there is still a gap between our family and theirs.
Who knows if his parents can accept our Kiera? When your dad comes back, I will tell your dad and ask him to go to Wiltspoon
quietly to find out about Julian’s parents.”
Kendrick nodded. “I can go by myself. I’ll book a flight tonight and fly to Wiltspoon early tomorrow morning.”
Mrs. Caron: “Let your dad take you there. You are still young, and your eyesight for people is still a little mature. Your dad is old
and has been in the world for decades, and his eyesight for people is not bad. He is always asked to find out for his daughter
whether her future husband’s family is good, but it is unreliable.”
If it weren’t for Julian’s suspicion, Mrs. Caron would have wanted to go to Wiltspoon.
Kendrick said, “I don’t think Julian’s parents will dislike my sister. It doesn’t matter how old Julian is. If we round up, he is a
middle-aged uncle in his forties. Our Kiera is only twenty-four. He is not yet twenty-five years old; he is very young, and if we
dislike him, it is because we dislike Julian.
Julian’s parents must be crazy anxious. Finally, Julian has a girl he likes. Will they dislike her? Maybe they can’t wait to come to
our house to propose marriage.
So what if the Bucham family is a wealthy family? Is our Caron family very poor? We dare not say that our Caron family has a
net worth of tens of billions, but all the assets put together are quite a lot. Didn’t my parents prepare it for my sister a long time
ago? Houses, shops, and other assets are already better than those of countless people. Okay, I have to go to Wiltspoon to find
out more about the Bucham family.”
Kendrick had already taken out his mobile phone and was preparing to book his own flight.
“Mom, what’s my dad’s ID number? I’ll book tickets for me and my dad now and fly to Wiltspoon tomorrow.”
Mrs. Caron remembered her husband’s ID card number, gave it to Kendrick, and asked him to book a flight. At the same time,
she said to Kenneth, “No matter what, we have to go to Wiltspoon to inquire. Now our understanding of the Bucham family is
through Julian. I mentioned it occasionally, but Kiera didn’t know it.”

Kiera only went to Wiltspoon two or three times, and the time each time she went was not long, so it was normal to not be clear
about it.
Kiera didn’t know what her mother and brothers were planning, so she took Julian out for a walk. She didn’t go too far, just
wandering around the nearby streets.
Because it was snowing and it was night again, there were not many pedestrians on the road, so it was not as lively as usual.
“Are you cold?” Kiera asked Julian.
Julian said, “I’ve been here for so long, and I’ve gotten used to it.”
Julian had been skiing in the north during the winter. He didn’t stay in Wiltspoon every day. He flew around the country, so he
could actually adapt to the cold winter in the north.
Julian said, “Is there anything you want to buy?”
Kiera said, “No, I don’t lack anything now. There is nothing I want to buy. You usually treat me to food if I want to eat it. The more
times I eat it, the more I like it. I don’t think I like it that much anymore.”
After Kiera finished speaking, she suddenly whispered, “Oh, I forgot about that bouquet of flowers. The bouquet of flowers you
gave me is still in the martial arts gym.”

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