Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2871

Julian said dotingly, “If you like bouquets of flowers, I will give them to you every day from now on. Otherwise, I will accompany
you back to the martial arts gym to get the bouquet of flowers.”
Kiera said, “Go back and get them. You don’t have to send them every day. Just give me a bouquet occasionally as a surprise.
Receiving bouquets every day loses their freshness and feels like nothing.”
Julian smiled. “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”
When Julian gave her flowers, she thought of flower cakes.
Julian was also afraid that if he sent her bouquets of flowers every day, she would be thinking about the flower cakes instead of
how much he loved her.
The two most favorite flowers for women are spending them casually and spending money.
He could give her money to spend so that she had money to spend.
“Go buy clothes first, and I’ll give you a set of clothes.” Kiera felt that after accepting the bouquet from him, she wanted to give
him something in return.
She decided to give him a thick coat.
“You want to give me clothes?” Julian was very happy.
“Seeing that you are wearing so little, I’m afraid you’ll be cold, so I’ll give you a thick coat. But I’m not as rich as you, and all you
wear is from famous brands. I can only give you a coat worth a thousand or a few hundred dollars. If you don’t like it, don’t throw
it away. Give it back to me. I will give it to my eldest brother. He is about the same height as you.”
Julian immediately said, “I don’t dislike it. What you gave to me is mine, and you can’t take it back. The eldest brother has more
clothes. His clothes are much thicker than mine. I don’t have many thick clothes. In fact, I am very afraid of the cold. See, I don’t
dare to go out very much now. I stay in the office every day, either in your martial arts gym or your home, which is a place with
Julian, who just said that he was not cold, was afraid that Kiera would regret it and give the clothes he bought to his future
brother-in-law, lying and saying that he was afraid of the cold.

Kiera said, “I know you want demeanor rather than warmth. When southerners come to our Yonsburg, they will say that the
winter here is very cold. Even if you travel all over the world, the place where you spend the most time is Wiltspoon. You must
not be afraid of the cold. “
The current temperature in Wiltspoon really made Kiera envious.
Julian said with a smile, “We don’t have heating over there. It’s really cold when it’s cold. We rely on our integrity to survive
winter after winter.”
The two entered a clothing store while talking.
“I rarely buy clothes, and I don’t know how to choose. Kiera, please help me choose.”
Julian was telling the truth. Specialized designers made his clothes specifically for him, or brands gave them to him to aid in
Young Master Bucham wearing a brand’s clothing indicates that the clothing is of high quality, and as a result, everyone rushed
to customize the same style of clothing, which was more effective than the brand’s own advertising.
Kiera agreed, and she helped Julian pick out some clothes, from jackets to undershirts to pants.
She almost bought a dozen for him.
When the two of them came out of the clothing store, Julian was carrying large and small bags in his hands, and the smile on his
face was brighter than the sun at noon.
The two of them walked to the martial arts gym first. After getting the bouquet of flowers that Kiera left at the martial arts gym,
they walked home together.
It already felt like a date.
When the Caron family saw the two people coming back, they were getting along harmoniously as usual, and Julian had both
hands full.

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