Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2872

Kendrick asked, “Julian, what did you buy? You bought so much.”
Kendrick looked at Kiera again, and when he saw that there was nothing wrong with her, he cursed in his heart. They didn’t look
like lovers. Kiera should still treat Julian as a buddy, right?
And Julian, what is wrong with him?
Mrs. Caron cut the fruit. When she saw the two of them entering the house, she greeted them: “I just cut the fruit, and you are
back. Come and eat the fruit.”
“Kiera bought me some clothes.” Julian smiled and said, He walked over with large and small bags, sat down next to his two
future brother-in-laws, and began to show off the clothes Kiera bought him.
Kiera saw his show-off look; his face was hot, and she didn’t need to look in the mirror. She knew that she was blushing again,
and she didn’t even sit down, so she said to her family, “Mom, eldest brother, and second brother, I will go upstairs to rest first.”
With that said, she went upstairs, holding the bouquet.
She didn’t want her family to see her blushing shyly.
Kiera’s two brothers cooperated with Julian’s showing off. When Julian showed off a coat, they praised Kiera for her good taste.
The coat they picked for Julian was handsome and thick, and it would be very warm to wear.
They also said that they and Kiera had been brothers and sisters for more than 20 years, and Kiera rarely bought them clothes.
In short, just a few pieces of clothing made Julian feel elated. He tasted the taste of love and realized that friends around him
would be very happy when receiving things from their sweethearts, even if they were worthless.
In the end, Kiera’s two brothers didn’t ask what kind of disease Julian had.
Kendrick had already booked a flight and would fly to Wiltspoon with Mr. Caron the next morning. They wanted to quietly inquire
about the character of the Bucham family and what kind of illness Julian had.
They were afraid that if they asked Julian face-to-face, he would not tell the truth.
It’s better to find out for themselves.

There was nothing more to say all night.
Early the next morning, Kendrick and Mr. Caron rushed to the airport in a taxi.
When they left, Kiera was still dreaming. Even Julian, who always got up early, happened to have a sweet dream. He dreamed
that he was about to kiss Kiera, but he hadn’t kissed her yet. He couldn’t bear to wake up, so he didn’t know that Kiera’s father
and elder brother went on a long trip.
As soon as Mr. Caron and Kendrick left, Mr. Bucham and his wife arrived behind.
In order not to scare their future in-laws, they did not dare to bring a bodyguard group and drive a row of luxury cars over. The
couple drove a very ordinary car, thinking that it would appear more down-to-earth.
Apart from a few gifts, the things they prepared for their future in-laws were nothing valuable. They were afraid that the gift would
be too expensive and that the in-laws would not accept it.
But with just a few gifts, they felt it was too little.
So, before they came, they ran to Wildridge Manor and searched at the foot of Wildridge Manor, including sweet potatoes, taro,
pickled taro sprouts, pickles, dried vegetables, domestic eggs, and longan.
These things were not worth much, but they were down-to-earth. They felt that if they gave them to their future in-laws, they
would definitely like them very much and would accept them in full without rejecting them.
Mrs. Bucham was from their side and had been married for decades, so she probably liked this kind of gift the most.
The couple drove over in a seven-seater business car and parked in front of Caron’s house. The car was filled with down-to-
earth gifts they had brought.
“Husband, are we here a little early? It looks like the door to the in-laws’ house hasn’t been opened yet.”
There were very few pedestrians on the street. It was extremely cold. It was so early in the morning that everyone was in bed.
Except for those who needed to go to work.
Mr. Bucham looked at the closed door of the Caron family and realized that the couple had arrived too early and might disturb
people’s dreams.

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