Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2874

Kiera lowered her head to look at her clothes today and felt that there was nothing wrong with her. She raised her hand to
straighten her clothes, touched her hair, and asked Julian, “Julian, can you see how I am looking now?”
Julian smiled and said, “You are always fine. Don’t worry or be nervous. My parents are very easy-going.”
Kiera: “I’m not nervous. I think it’s the first time we meet, so we don’t dress up deliberately, and we need to be generous and
decent. I’ll open the door.”
With that said, Kiera walked across the yard and opened the door before Julian could.
A black business car was parked in front of her house.
Seeing Kiera open the door, the people in the car pressed down the windows, and soon, someone got out of the car.
She was a beautiful middle-aged woman who looked somewhat similar to Julian. Without asking, she could guess that this
beautiful middle-aged woman was Julian’s mother.
Kiera sighed in her heart. Mrs. Bucham took good care of her. She looked like Julian’s sister. Standing together, the two of them
looked nothing like mother and son.
Mrs. Bucham came over with a smile and said, “Are you Kiera? I have seen your photo. Hello, I am Julian’s mother.”
“Hello, auntie.” Kiera quickly said hello.
Julian followed Kiera out and called Mom.
Mrs. Bucham smiled and nodded; her beautiful eyes fell on Kiera, and she looked at Kiera from head to toe.
She thought Kiera was more beautiful in person than in the photos, and she was a perfect match for her son.
She fell in love with Kiera as soon as she saw him.
The only girl who could save her son, she thought Kiera was very good and admired Kiera as early as she saw the photo.
Mr. Caron also got out of the car.
“Hello, Miss Caron, I am Julian’s father.” Mr. Caron used to speak very loudly, but now, in front of Kiera, he speaks softly, without
any of the roughness of the past.

Kiera called Uncle Bucham again and quickly invited the two of them into the house. “Uncle Bucham, Auntie, come in quickly; it’s
cold outside.”
The couple responded in unison.
Mr. Caron threw the car keys in his hand to his son and said to him, “Move everything in the car into the house.”
“Uncle Bucham, you and Auntie are just here. You don’t need to bring anything.” Kiera enthusiastically invited the two people into
the house.
Mrs. Bucham said, “It’s not something expensive. It’s some specialties from our farmers over there. It’s not worth much.”
Mr. Caron echoed: “Yes, yes, it’s not worth much, just some sweet potatoes, taro, fruits, etc. It’s really not worth much; it’s just a
little bit of our thoughts. I’d heard Julian mention you a long time ago. You saved our Julian. His mother and I have long wanted
to come and thank you in person. We never had time, so we had to let Julian thank you first. Now that we have time, his mother
and I just come over and visit right away. Ms. Caron, thank you very much for that night. If it weren’t for you, our Julian would
have been beaten to death.”
Mr. Caron and his wife didn’t know that their son had confessed everything to Kiera.
They were still helping Julian make up lies.
Kiera smiled and said, “Uncle Bucham, Julian’s boxing and kicking skills are very powerful. Even without my generous help that
night, he could have escaped unscathed.”
What’s more, those people were arranged by Julian.
She just happened to be in the role. If she hadn’t been in the role, Julian’s men wouldn’t be able to continue acting.
Kiera did not expose Julian, thinking that Julian did what he did and even hid it from his parents.

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