Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2888

Carrie didn’t dare to say a word and quickly climbed into the car.
Two hours later,
Carrie, who had regained her identity as Miss Newman, was out of breath climbing the stairs and finally returned to the door of
her rental house.
She took out the key to the rental house and was about to open the door, but the rental door opened automatically. Oh, no,
someone opened the door from inside.
Carrie’s first reaction was that there was a burglar in her rental house.
D*mn it, she was a poor girl, but she also had thieves coming to her door.
After she saw clearly that the person who opened the door was her aunt, Carrie called out, “Auntie, why are you in my rented
house? Do you have my key?”
She remembered that she did not give the keys to the rented house to her two aunts.
Brenda was startled by her. After seeing clearly, she said, “Carrie, you scared me to death, and you didn’t make a sound when
you came back suddenly. When you first rented the house, didn’t you give me a key? Would you like me to come over and help
you clean? I forgot to return your key. Where have you been, kid? I haven’t seen you in the past few days. My family lives there
in a crowded place. I thought I would come and live with you; otherwise, I wouldn’t know you haven’t come back in a few days.”
Brenda said, turning around and pushing open the door of the rental house, and took Carrie into the house.
It felt like she was the tenant of this room.
Carrie entered the house and saw that the house she rented was full of paper, empty water bottles, and some scrap metal.
She immediately frowned in disgust, pointed at the garbage, and asked Brenda, “Auntie, what are these things? Why are they
piled up in my house? Did you pick them up? Clean them away quickly. I rent this house, and I’m paying the rent. It’s mine, not
for you to pile up garbage.”
Brenda said, “Carrie, don’t be so excited. You said that your parents have transferred all the property in their name to Trenton’s.
It will be difficult for you to fight for the family property. There is nothing I can do. How can I help you if I can’t live well? I have to
live. The food and drink of the whole family is just a sum of money. Dogs are currently bullying us. I work a job and can’t make

much money, but there is an advantage to doing hygiene, just to be able to pick up these cardboard boxes and empty bottles
that can be sold. I picked up so much, I can buy a few days’ worth of food when I sell it.”
Brenda’s eyes turned red as she spoke, “Carrie, I’m feeling miserable. I have never suffered like this since I was a child, but I
have to pick up rags when I get old. Why is your eldest sister so cruel?
It’s good that she has become the second young mistress of the York family. She is still in charge of the company that your
parents worked so hard for. She even ignores you. She doesn’t give you money to spend, doesn’t let you move back to life, and
makes you suffer from poverty. I don’t miss any family affection at all. No matter what we did to her in the past, we are still her
biological aunts.”
People from the Chandler family and the Joyner family hated Camryn.
In the past, although the two families could not be classified as wealthy, they were still wealthy people. They had their own small
company, lived in a small villa, had a driver, and had servants. At least they had no worries about food and clothing, and they did
not have to calculate their money.
After Camryn took over the Newman family, life became increasingly difficult for the two families.
It was also Camryn who had good fortune at first and got involved with the York family. With the York family as their backer, all
their plans were ruined. Instead, they ended up with nothing and had to work to survive.
This was something Camryn had to show mercy to; otherwise, the two families would have no chance of finding a job in
Brenda said this repeatedly in front of Carrie, just to stimulate her little niece to be the one who stood out and caused trouble for
No matter how she said it, Carrie was Camryn’s biological sister.
Brenda said, “Carrie, where have you been these days? I haven’t seen you for a few days. Why do I think you have gained some
weight? You are a little rounder than when you first came out. Your face is also very good. Have you found a way to make a
fortune? I love you so much; if you get rich, remember to bring your cousins with you.”
Carrie said calmly, “I just went out to relax. I got upset with the siblings. If I don’t go out to relax, I’m afraid I’ll do something
extreme again. I don’t want to go to prison again.”

She really wanted to k!ll Camryn, but when she thought of her days in prison, she suppressed her impulse and did not do
anything extreme.
She was too impulsive and did extreme things in the beginning, which resulted in the Newman family having a different owner,
and she ended up being someone else’s mistress today.

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