Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2891

Camryn said, “Serenity, I really envy you. After being married for such a long time, your relationship with eldest brother is still so
Camryn could now see clearly what was in front of her, and she personally matched a bouquet of roses for Serenity.
Serenity smiled and said, “You two have a very good relationship, so there is no need to envy us.”
Finally, she added, “I always feel that I haven’t been married to Zachary for a long time. It seems like I just went to get the
certificate yesterday.”
Camryn smiled and said, “It’s not really a long time; it’s not even a few decades. But you two will definitely be in love for
She handed the matched bouquet to Serenity, and Serenity paid. Camryn didn’t want to take her money. Serenity said she gave
it to Zachary, but Camryn didn’t take her money.
When Serenity said this, Camryn quickly collected the money.
Serenity said, “Camryn, I’ll go to the company first. On weekends, Callum and I will go to my house for dinner. I’ll prepare
delicious food for you.”
Serenity took the bouquet and walked out of the flower shop with Camryn, seeing her off. At the same time, she invited Camryn
to have dinner at her home on the weekend.
Camryn glanced at her belly for the first time and said with a smile, “How can I let you cook? Don’t you vomit when you smell the
“I won’t vomit. I also really like the smell of cooking fumes. Maybe the little guy in my belly is also a foodie and likes to tinker with
food.” Serenity said while walking, “During pregnancy, your appetite will change accordingly.”
Camryn smiled and said, “Maybe I haven’t realized this yet. I don’t know when I will realize what it’s like to be a mother.”
Her body had not yet recovered, and she couldn’t become pregnant in the short term, nor was it appropriate to become pregnant
because she was still taking medication every day.
Serenity stopped, freed up a hand to hold Camryn’s hand, and comforted her: “Dr. Carden said that she can help you adjust so
that you can become pregnant in two or three years. Relax, and first, take care of your body. You see, I only got pregnant a year

after I got married. Many people thought I couldn’t have children. Children also depend on fate.”
Camryn nodded. “I know. I am very happy now that I can see the light again. It is a blessing among misfortunes that I have a
chance to cure my physical problems. There is no need to wait for another two or three years. It just so happens that my
husband and I can live in a two-person world for a few years.”
Serenity said, “That’s right, I’ve even thought about having a baby in the next few years. When the baby comes, we welcome it
happily. But when the baby doesn’t come, we wait patiently.”
If it was Serenity’s idea, she wanted to have children two or three years after marriage, but the person she married was Zachary.
The couple had not taken any contraceptive measures and had not gotten pregnant for a year. She began to feel stressed, and
she couldn’t bear it. She had been looking forward to having children since she started living there.
Fortunately, she got through it.
The baby in the belly was developing very well, and after a while, she would be able to feel fetal movement.
Jasmine could feel the fetal movement. She was pregnant earlier than herself.
Camryn stood at the door of the store, watching Serenity get into the car. After watching Serenity’s car go away and merge into
the traffic on the street, she turned back to the flower shop.
“Ring ring ring…”
Her cell phone rang.
Thinking it was Callum calling, Camryn took out her phone and saw the caller ID, which showed it was her mother-in-law.
The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was very good, but Rosella rarely took the initiative to call because
she didn’t want to disturb the young couple’s life as two people.
After receiving the marriage certificate, Callum had already moved into the Newman family mansion. Occasionally, the young
couple would go back to Wildridge Manor.
Camryn quickly answered the call from Rosella.
“mom.” Camryn’s voice was gentle, and Rosella liked to hear her daughter-in-law’s voice, which was gentle.

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