Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2896

Camryn didn’t want the share that belonged to Trenton. However, the artery in her hands belonged to the Newman family.
Callum said, “Mom also told me not to worry about her. If she scolds you, just block her mouth and drive her away.”
His voice was a little colder. Except for Trenton, he hated everyone else in the Newman family and his relatives.
The relatives of Camryn were comparable to the best relatives in Serenity’s hometown.
The best relatives in his eldest sister-in-law’s hometown had no chance to sue for peace with Serenity. Serenity had long wanted
nothing to do with them. She just gave all the rent money she collected from those houses every month to old Mr. Hunt and his
wife as living expenses.
Maybe, occasionally, Serenity would give them a little money. It could be regarded as a reconciliation between the grandfather
and the granddaughter, and it was also Serenity who had fulfilled her filial duty for her father.
Camryn and her relatives could not reconcile.
“Well, Carrie doesn’t have the brains to think of going to her mother to ask for money. Aunt Brenda and Aunt Amy must have
instigated her to do it, thinking that it would be best if she could get the money, and if she couldn’t get the money, she could ruin
my reputation.”
Camryn smiled for the first time. She smiled lightly. “What’s the use of fame to me? I don’t care about reputation. Can a good
reputation be used as food? Can it protect me from being bullied? Can you pay me back? Will the next ten years be bright? So
what about the bad reputation? Will it affect my ability to eat? Will it make me lose a few pieces of meat?”
She had been through so much and had been to h-e-l-l many times. She no longer cared about her reputation. As for whether
her husband’s family cared about her, when Callum married her, he already knew who she was. He only married her if he didn’t
dislike her. If he disliked her, he wouldn’t marry her.
Camryn said, “I made several calls to several bosses. My cousins can sleep in tomorrow, and my two aunts will not be given the
cleaning work. It will be difficult for them to survive even if they pick up rags. “
She knew that her two aunts and the others took advantage of their jobs to pick up rags.
“I called too.”
Callum said, “They should have been prevented from surviving in Wiltspoon from the beginning.”

Let the two families go bankrupt and in debt and fall from heaven to h-e-l-l. Unexpectedly, there will be instigation behind their
backs. Then they will be completely unable to survive and get out of Wiltspoon.
After Camryn was silent, she said, “Sometimes, it’s really hard to forget about family ties at all. Carrie has been missing for a few
days and has not come to make trouble with me. I thought she had given up and was honestly looking for a job. Maybe she ran
out of money.”
Camryn took out her mobile phone and opened WhatsApp. After she could see, the first thing Callum did was buy her a
smartphone and teach her how to use WhatsApp.
Now, she has kept up with the times.
“Trenton, don’t listen to your parents about your second sister’s living expenses. Just give her $3000 a month. If it’s not enough,
let her figure it out on her own.”
Camryn was sending a voice message to Trenton.
Trenton came back from leave, visited the prison, and persuaded his parents to transfer all the property in their names to his
name. After starting the procedures, he took time to go back to school. When he needed to come back and cooperate, he asked
for leave again.
Trenton did not reply to the message immediately; he should be in class.

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