Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2898

This also caused Trenton to reduce the living expenses he gave Carrie.
Even though Carrie didn’t need to rely on the living expenses given to her by Trenton now, she would need money from time to
time to resume her identity as Miss Newman.
Could it be that, in order not to be suspected, she really wanted to find a job?
Carrie never expected that Aunt Brenda, Aunt Amy, and their family would lose their jobs again because of her actions.
Aunt Brenda probably didn’t think about it, so she gave Carrie a trick, causing the family to lose their source of income again,
and they couldn’t even collect rags.
After finding out that it was her fault, her husband, son, sister, and the whole family scolded Brenda.
Brenda cried and wanted to jump off the building, and everyone stopped insulting her.
The two families discussed it and felt that they would not be able to get out of Camryn’s hands if they stayed in Wiltspoon any
longer. They decided to move away from Wiltspoon and live in a small, remote city. No one knew them. In a remote, small place,
the York family couldn’t stretch their hands that far before they could find a job again and live on.
Therefore, the two families did not wait for Carrie to come back, nor did they send a message or call Carrie. They packed up
their things and checked out the rented house. The two families completely left Wiltspoon that night and stayed away.
Carrie, who was once again used as a pawn, didn’t know this.
She stood a few hundred meters away from the gate of Wildridge Manor, confronting two female workers from the York family.
As soon as she cursed Camryn, two middle-aged aunts swarmed up, caught her, and stuffed smelly socks into her mouth, which
made her vomit in disgust.
She couldn’t fight, and she couldn’t run fast.
Even if they quarreled, they couldn’t argue. The fighting power of those two aunts was too strong.
For such an arrogant person, she was at a disadvantage when quarreling with them.
“I won’t leave until I get the money!” Carrie shouted loudly.

Even as night fell, she refused to admit defeat.
If she couldn’t win the argument or fight, so what? She had perseverance, and she was standing there.
“I also contacted the entertainment reporter. They will be here soon and will send your second Mrs. York to the hot search.
Let everyone in Wiltspoon know that Camryn is cruel and ruthless to her own sister. In order to seize the family property, she will
starve to death. I tell you, even if I die, I will become If you become a serious ghost, you will also want to settle accounts with
I thought I was afraid of her when she married into the York family and became a young lady. Let me tell you, I won’t be afraid.
Anyway, if your second Mrs. York doesn’t give me money today, I won’t leave!”
The two maids of the York family were too lazy to talk to Carrie. Their task was to watch Carrie and prevent this crazy girl from
running to the villa entrance and making a fuss. Also, if this girl scolded their second Mrs. York, they would block her mouth with
smelly socks.
Not far from the two of them, there was a bag that contained a small bag of smelly socks. The butler collected them from the
male workers, specifically to plug Carrie’s smelly mouth.
How did the Newman family treat Carrie in the past?
Let them tell it: Rosella is already very good to Carrie.
Carrie had the nerve to come to Rosella to ask for money, which was simply shameless.
Rosella neither beat Carrie nor scolded her, and she just let the two maids deal with her like this. Carrie was made to vomit
several times, including with yellow bile water. The vomiting made her die, and now they do not dare to scold her anymore.
The yelling was no longer loud enough because, after vomiting several times, Carrie was hungry and no longer had the strength
to yell.
Just now, they heard Carrie calling a takeaway.

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