Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2900

A car with a black body drove along the mountain road.
Carrie squinted her eyes for a long time and saw clearly that it was a luxury car. She guessed that one of the York family
members was back. She immediately got excited and stopped in the middle of the road, intending to force the other party to stop.
Among the young masters of the York family, the only one she feared was Zachary.
When Zachary appeared, there were usually several cars, but there was only one car driving up the mountain, and it was
obviously not Zachary.
Therefore, Carrie felt confident and dared to stand in the middle of the road and block the car.
The vehicle stopped when it was still more than ten meters away from Carrie.
Camryn pressed down the car window and stuck her head out to take a look. She couldn’t see clearly. Based on her guesses,
she guessed that it was Camryn. Others would not block her way in the middle of the road.
Carrie said, “Camryn, you are finally back. Get out of the car and give me money. You took over my parents’ property and
refused to let me live or go home. You also froze my bank card. Are you going to kill me? Let me tell you, if you don’t give me
money, I won’t leave here. I want everyone to know how cold-bl**ded you are.”
The most belligerent elders blamed Camryn for being cold-blooded and ruthless.
The York family was a big family full of warmth, and they definitely don’t like cold-blooded people.
She wanted to expose Camryn’s true face in front of the York family!
Camryn retracted her head, pressed the car window, and said to Callum, “Honey, drive!”
Callum started the car again.
Carrie said, “Camryn, if you have the guts, just bump into me! If you really bump into me, you want to hit me to death!”
At first, Carrie stood in the middle of the road with her waist propped up and shouted, thinking that Camryn would not dare to hit

When she saw the car starting again and continuing to drive forward, not slowing down, she was so frightened that she jumped
to the side of the road to avoid it.
Sister Z and Sister L had already moved their chairs and stood on the roadside, watching Callum’s car drive past them and go
straight to the gate of the villa.
Soon, Sister Z received a call, and the butler informed them that they could get off work.
Immediately, the butler also settled the extra wages for the two of them, and the two left work happily, leaving Carrie there to
curse, but no one paid attention to her.
The mountain wind blew, and Carrie, who was not wearing much clothing, shivered with cold.
Did she want to go back?
When Camryn came back, she would definitely not give her money.
Carrie had been in a stalemate here all afternoon. She had been choked with smelly socks several times and had vomited to the
point of vomiting. Now she was hungry and thirsty. The main reason was that she could not succeed in her purpose.
No one in the York family bothered to pay attention to her.
She asked the two aunts to fight her. She tried her best, but they didn’t even have to show up. She only needed to call the two
aunts to come out and cure her to death.
This strong contrast made Carrie hate Camryn even more.
She vowed to stand up and stand next to Mr. Labbe. She must trample Camryn under her feet and the York family. She also
wanted to trample on the York family. It would be best to let the York family go bankrupt and let everyone in the York family taste
it. Taste what it was like for her two aunts to go bankrupt.
“Ring ring ring…”
Carrie’s cell phone rang. She quickly answered the phone.
Soon, she screamed, “What? You won’t come? Such a good opportunity is definitely eye-catching, but you actually said you
couldn’t come. Didn’t you say you were going to come? This is news about the second young mistress of the York family, and

you don’t want to either want?”

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