Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2907

Rosella looked at Callum, smiled, and said, “It’s all the ladies and daughters gathered together. You, a grown man, go with me!
Just go with me if you don’t mind them making fun of you. I usually ask you to accompany me to attend banquets, but you
always say you are busy. Now I want to take your wife out to meet friends, so you just say you are free. Why are you afraid that I
will sell your wife?”
Rosella teased Callum, “Don’t worry, I will keep your wife intact.”
Callum’s face turned red, and he smiled: “I’m not worried. Mom won’t sell your daughter-in-law to me, even if she sells me. I’m
just really free. I was really busy before, but now the younger brothers can all help, and those of us who are older brothers have
been tired for so many years, and now and then we can take a vacation.”
The sixth and seventh elders could all help.
Callum added, “Mom, you’re a protector of shortcomings. You love Camryn the most. Who dares to touch Camryn’s finger? If you
know, it would be weird if you don’t chop off that person’s hand. I really don’t worry at all.”
Rosella laughed, as if she didn’t know what Callum was thinking.
“Since you want to go along, then go ahead. It’s just in time to show everyone how well-matched my son and daughter-in-law
are.” Rosella said, “That Mrs. Welsh often shows off in front of us how wonderful her son and daughter-in-law are. She says that
her son is handsome and her daughter-in-law is pretty. I want her to see what the combination of handsome and pretty means. I
will go out with my son and daughter-in-law, k!ll them instantly, and leave them behind for a few blocks.”
When wives usually got together, the topics they often talked about were husbands and children. If they had a daughter-in-law,
the daughter-in-law would also be mentioned.
Under normal circumstances, Rosella would not talk about her son and daughter-in-law as a topic. She felt that even the daily
lives of some sons and daughters-in-law involved the privacy of young people.
She didn’t like others inquiring into her family’s privacy, and she didn’t like to tell anyone about it.
No matter how others boasted about their sons or daughters-in-law, she just listened to them as if they were stories.
If someone brought up the topic of her son and daughter-in-law, she would change the topic in a few words. Everyone was a
smart person, so they knew that she was not willing to use her daughter-in-law as a topic.

No sensible person would talk about her daughter-in-law again.
People in the York family had always guarded their shortcomings. In the past, Tania’s defense of serenity spread throughout the
circle of wives in Wiltspoon. Even when Camryn was still blind, no one dared say a word about Camryn in front of Rosella.
After all, they didn’t want to offend the wives of the York family.
Camryn glanced at Callum and said with a smile, “Just don’t go. You’ll play two games of chess with my dad at home.”
Callum’s handsome face immediately fell, and he said aggrievedly, “Honey, you don’t love me anymore. You went to the banquet
with my mother and didn’t take me with you. You don’t want me to go with you. I don’t want to play chess with my dad. My dad’s
chess skills are just like that. We respect our elders. We were afraid that dad would lose us and lose face.”
Matthias said, “How about we, dad and son, try playing a few games now?”
Callum shuts up immediately.
Camryn said with a smile: “If you go along and see that the people at the party are all women and everyone is staring at you, you
will be very embarrassed, and then you will keep clinging to me, and I will be embarrassed too. Instead of doing this, why don’t
you stay at home and play chess with dad and compete with each other while mom and I have a party with our friends?”
Rosella echoed, “That’s right, if you follow me, you will become the candy on Camryn’s body. It will stick tightly, and Camryn will
feel at ease.”
Callum: “Well, I won’t follow you. I’ll stay at home. When you have enough fun, I will pick you up and take you home.”

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