Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2915

Married At First Sight Chapter 2915-A night of silence.
The next day, in the early morning, Camryn, who had not yet woken up, felt cold and instinctively crawled into the arms of Callum
next to her.
The morning in the villa felt much colder than in the city.
The couple didn’t close the windows; they just closed the heavy curtains.
Therefore, the cold morning air poured into the room, and Camryn felt cold.
It’s raining outside. When it rains in winter, it can easily lower the temperature, making people in Wiltspoon feel the arrival of
After a week of cold weather last time, the temperature had warmed up. The recent weather had been sunny during the day, and
it was as hot as summer, which meant they needed to wear a thin coat in the morning and evening.
As it was raining, it made people feel cold.
Callum didn’t even open his eyes. He stretched out his arms to hug Camryn, who had crawled into his arms, and pulled the quilt
After a few more minutes, Callum woke up.
He heard the rain.
It’s raining; no wonder it’s cold.
Callum lowered his head and kissed Camryn on the face, then gently pushed her away. He stood up and tried not to wake her.
He walked to the window and opened the curtains on one side, letting in the cold wind. Rain blows in.
He immediately closed the window, closed the curtains, turned around, and walked back.
“It’s raining?”
After returning to the bed, Callum sat down, and Camryn on the bed asked him.
Callum said, “Well, it’s raining. Wife, wake up. It’s still early. Let’s sleep a little longer.”

Camryn was still lying down, and she asked, “What time is it now?”
Callum took his phone, looked at the time, and replied, “It’s still early; it’s only 6:30. Let’s sleep for another thirty minutes. Then
we’ll get up, eat breakfast, and head back to the city. It’s windy and raining pretty hard right now, so let’s stay inside.”
If the rain gets heavier, he will tell Zachary that he will not return to the company in the morning.
Camryn closed her eyes and said, “I’ll lie down for a while after that. It’s cold for a reason. It has rained. The weather report says
that the temperature will drop again and that it will be as cold as it was before. Five or six degrees is the coldest it gets at night.”
It was cold, and she didn’t want to go out; she just wanted to lie in bed.
Especially in cold and rainy weather, who was willing to go out not to earn a living but to earn a few taels of silver?
Callum lay back next to her, hugged her from behind, and said softly, “It’s only when the weather gets cold that you take the
initiative to crawl into my arms. I wish it would snow.”
For example, in order to serve as a heater for Serenity, Zachary deliberately turned off the heater and opened the windows to
lower the indoor temperature. It was so cold that Serenity used Zachary as a heater.
He only found out about this interesting boudoir story after Zachary let it slip once.
He really didn’t think that a serious person like Zachary would have such evil plans against Serenity, who Zachary eventually ate
to death.
People outside always said that Zachary was a maniac who doted on Serenity, was a wife slave, and was controlled by Serenity.
Callum said, “In Wiltspoon, it won’t snow. The coldest time of year is when the temperature falls to a few degrees in the middle of
the night.”
Camryn said, “Yesterday you told me about taking me to the north to see the snow. I had a dream last night. I dreamed about
snow all night long. I dreamed that we were making snowmen and having snowball fights. We had a lot of fun. But in the end, I
also dreamed about Carrie, who rushed over like a madman and destroyed the snowman we built.
She was still pointing at me and yelling at me in my dream. Anyway, she was very fierce. The look in her eyes seemed to be
quenched with poison. Then, I felt cold and instinctively approached you, and I woke up.”

Callum said, “When your eyesight is completely restored, I will take you to the north to see the snow. Carrie dared to destroy the
snowman we built, so I buried her in the snowdrift and turned her into a snowman. In your dream, didn’t I teach her a lesson?”

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