Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2916

Married At First Sight Chapter 2916-Camryn was speechless and said, “Maybe in my subconscious, I feel that this is a dispute
between me and Carrie, and I don’t want to involve you. I didn’t see you teaching Carrie a lesson in the dream.”
Callum turned her body over and bit her lips lightly. “You didn’t put me first in your heart. When you encountered difficulties, you
didn’t think of me first. You thought of Brother Dal, right?”
Camryn said, “Here you go again; you are jealous of Brother Dal again. Brother Dal is married. Don’t say such things, lest your
sister-in-law misunderstand and affect their relationship as a couple.”
Camryn was helpless to know that Callum was still jealous of Brother Dal. After explaining it countless times, he still regarded
Brother Dal as his love rival.
But when Brother Dal came over, he called him brother more affectionately than anyone else.
Camryn said: “The environment in which I grew up has made me accustomed to finding solutions on my own when encountering
difficulties, so even if I have a dispute with Carrie in my dream, I will not dream of anyone helping me to teach Carrie a lesson.
Brother Dal is repaying his kindness, which has been very good to me. We support each other, just like brothers and sisters.
How many times have I explained to you that you are afraid that it goes in the left ear and comes out in the right ear? You are
always jealous of Brother Dal. “
Callum hugged her tightly and muttered something softly. She was hugged too tightly by him, and she was busy pushing him
away. She didn’t pay attention to his mumbling and didn’t know what he was mumbling.
Dalton loved Camryn, but he didn’t show it, but Callum, who was also a man, could see it.
Every man is probably like him. If he knows that a man once loved his wife, he can’t help but be wary of him. If his wife cares
about him, he will have random thoughts and worry about the two having an affair.
When Dalton came to Wiltspoon, Callum called him brother even more affectionately than Camryn. This was to remind Dalton
that he was just Camryn’s eldest brother and not to have any other inappropriate thoughts. Besides, Dalton is married, so don’t
let his wife down.
“If you can’t sleep, get up.”
As the couple talked like this, neither of them felt sleepy.

Camryn pushed Callum next to her to get up.
“You lie down first. It’s cold when you wake up. There’s no heating in the room. I’ll get you some clothes.”
Camryn couldn’t help but put her arms around his neck and give him a sweet kiss.
Callum was so considerate.
He was too good for her.
He simply held her in his heart.
How could she be so virtuous and capable of marrying such an excellent and dedicated man?
If a husband is like this, what more can a wife ask for?
Half an hour later, the young couple went downstairs.
“Second Young Master, Second Young Madam, morning.”
The butler smiled and said hello. When he saw the young couple coming downstairs, their fingers were clasped together, and
they were in a very good mood.
The butler smiled happily. He merely wished that the young couple would continue to improve, that Camryn would soon regain
normal vision, that she and Callum would become parents, and that she would recover quickly.
That way, it would be complete.
Camryn responded to Butler’s greetings gently.
“Second Young Master, Second Young Madam, breakfast is ready.”
Knowing that the young couple had to go back to work in the city, Butler in the second room reminded the chef last night that
today’s breakfast would be prepared ten minutes earlier than usual.

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