Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2924

Mrs. Lowe wanted to bring her niece into a wealthy family because her niece had already given up on her when she was lying
Unexpectedly, her niece was more blessed than she was, and she made eye contact with Josh.
The Bucham family was much better than the Lowe family.
Jasmine didn’t have to endure punishment from her mother-in-law when she married into the Bucham family. They were very
kind to Jasmine.
When Mrs. Lowe was young, she married into the Lowe family but was looked down upon by her mother-in-law. She suffered a
lot. It was only after her mother-in-law passed away that she managed to get ahead.
Camryn also laughed. After laughing, she said, “If you say this, I have nothing to be afraid of.”
“What are you afraid of? You used to be so miserable and hurt, and you were never afraid. Now that your life is getting better and
you have someone to rely on, you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Camryn, remember, there are so many York family members
behind you. They will support you.”
Serenity used her eldest sister-in-law’s courage to increase Camryn’s confidence.
Camryn nodded vigorously.
If soldiers come to block it, if water comes and soil comes, it will be flooded. There is nothing to be afraid of.
“Seren, there’s no need to tell Callum about this. I was just a little nervous for a while, but I’m fine now.” Camryn didn’t want her
husband to know that she was actually a little nervous.
Let him know, and he will follow her.
Not letting him follow her, he also said that she didn’t love him anymore and left him at home.
It made her dumbfounded.
In private, Callum was sometimes a bit naive. He would only show it after they became a couple. In the past, he seemed to be
mature, steady, and as gentle as jade.

Serenity said, “I won’t tell him. Callum won’t accompany you?”
“Mom said it was all a party for ladies, and a few men went with them, so Callum didn’t have to go. Callum also said that I would
go out with my mother without him and that I didn’t love him, which made me laugh to death.”
As Camryn said that, she laughed. Her happiness was revealed both inside and outside of her words.
Carrie, who was hiding behind the bookshelf and pretending to read, was so jealous that she almost went crazy.
Blind Camryn, who had always been stepped on by her, had a better life than her.
She was treated as a plaything and a pawn by Mr. Labbe. If she didn’t behave well, Mr. Labbe might really k!ll her. Also, he
would take back everything he gave her.
Why did Camryn live better than her?
Because of jealousy, Carrie used strength with her hands and tore off a page in one go.
When she saw the page she had torn out, she was a little overwhelmed. She wanted to just clip it to the book, but she also
wanted to throw it away. When she looked up, she saw that there was a surveillance camera installed in the store, and she knew
that her every move was being filmed.
Carrie decided to buy the book from which she tore out a page. But she couldn’t pay because Camryn was there.
Carrie then looked through other books.
She wanted to wait until Camryn left before paying.
It’s a pity that God is not on her side, and her cell phone suddenly rang.
It was Mr. Labbe who called her.
Carrie didn’t dare not answer Mr. Labbe’s call.
She had to put down the information book and the book and walk out of the bookstore before answering the phone.
It’s still raining outside.

She hurried back and stood at the door of the bookstore, talking quietly on the phone to Mr. Labbe.
Her move attracted the attention of the three young ladies.
Camryn could not see clearly at first, but her hearing had always been excellent. No matter how quiet Carrie’s voice was, she
could still hear it and felt that the voice was very much like Carrie’s.

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