Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2925

Carrie and Mr. Labbe hung up without saying a few words on the phone.
It was nothing more than Mr. Labbe asking her where she had been and when she would return home.
After hanging up the phone, Carrie didn’t want to stay in the bookstore anymore and wanted to leave. She turned to look at the
three young ladies still sitting in front of the cashier and several bodyguards sitting or standing in front of the store.
She was terribly jealous.
It was a small bookstore, but there were six bodyguards. Serenity and the others were each followed by two bodyguards.
When Carrie went out, she had two bodyguards with her, but they were respectful in front of her and uninterested in the back.
They controlled her. Every move, word, and deed she makes must be done according to the requirements of the bodyguards.
The bodyguards were completely different from Serenity and others.
Thinking that she had changed her appearance, Serenity didn’t even recognize her.
Although Camryn was her biological sister, Camryn had been blind for ten years. Even if she regains her sight, it is said that she
has not fully recovered. She could only see the things in front of her clearly. A little further away, Camryn couldn’t see clearly.
Just like those who were highly myopic.
Come to think of it, Camryn didn’t have much of an impression of Carrie’s current appearance.
Camryn was familiar with Carrie’s voice at first. She could just deliberately change her voice when she spoke later.
Thinking like this, Carrie walked back to the bookshelf, picked up the set of information books and the book she accidentally tore
a page from, and walked towards the checkout counter with a smile on her face. The books were placed on the cashier’s
counter. Using the voice-changing skills that she had learned for several days, she deliberately changed her tone of voice and
said to Serenity, “How much are these books in total?”
Camryn walked over to Carrie and closed the distance. She stared at Carrie. The figure was familiar, and the voice was familiar.
She felt that the voice sounded like Carrie’s, but the face didn’t look like hers.
After she regained her sight, she fought with Carrie several times and remembered Carrie’s appearance.

Serenity said the number, and Carrie scanned the code to pay. When Serenity stuffed the book into the bag and handed it to
Carrie, Carrie took the book, smiled at the three young ladies, and left.
The two bodyguards of the Labbe family didn’t want to come to pick her up. Their cars were parked far away.
But outside, if their bodyguards don’t treat their boss well, it will easily arouse suspicion.
So, the bodyguards of the Labbe family drove over in a car, and one of them got out of the car holding an umbrella. When Carrie
walked out of the bookstore, the bodyguard came over holding an umbrella to help her shield her from the rain and said
respectfully, “Madam, be careful.”
Carrie said nothing and walked to her car.
Soon, Carrie left in the car.
After Carrie left, Camryn walked out of the bookstore, stood at the door of the store, looked at the car Carrie left, and asked the
bodyguard, “Which car did that woman leave in just now? I heard someone call her Mrs.”
The bodyguard replied, “The wife’s bodyguard came to pick her up and left in that car. The second young lady heard it right. She
was called Mrs.”
Such a young lady; she was only in her early twenties!
Camryn frowned. If that woman was married and had bodyguards following her, she wouldn’t be Carrie, but her figure and voice
really looked like Carrie.
The young woman was about the same age as Carrie.
“What’s wrong?”
Serenity and Jasmine both came out and stood beside Camryn, looking outside. Serenity asked Camryn concernedly.
Camryn said, “I think the woman who just left seems familiar, but looking at her face, I’m sure I’ve never seen her before.”
“Do you feel the same way?” Serenity asked in astonishment. Because she feels that way too.

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