Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2927

Camryn replied without thinking: “I think she looks like my good sister, Carrie. She has a similar body shape and a similar voice,
but her face is different.”
After a pause, she added, “I guess it’s not her. She went to the villa yesterday to complain to my mother-in-law about me, saying
that I was too cruel and wanted her to starve to death. She had been there for a long time, asking my mother-in-law for money.
Later, after Callum and I went back, my mother-in-law took a bag of money and asked me to give it to Carrie. It was all loose
money of 15 cents. She only put three or two pieces of $100 on it for Carrie. She thought that the bag contained money in $100
After Camryn mentioned the object of suspicion, Serenity immediately said, “Yes, yes, she looks like Carrie. When you said it, I
thought it was her. When she came to my store yesterday, I saw her Her body shape seems very familiar to her. Camryn, tell me,
can that woman be your good sister? Could she be dressed up?”
After Camryn thought about it, she said, “Carrie has no money now. She can’t afford to hire a bodyguard. The bodyguard calls
her Mrs. Carrie doesn’t even have a boyfriend, so it’s impossible for her to get married. Besides, why does she have to dress up
with makeup?
With Carrie’s character, if she wants to come to us, she will come directly and won’t dress up.”
Carrie was too arrogant, and it was her arrogance that made her make big mistakes, offending Zachary and others. Then her
mother followed suit and made the same mistake, so they all went in, and she was able to take the opportunity to get back
everything that belongs to her.
To put it bluntly, Camryn’s turnaround was thanks to Carrie’s arrogance.
Serenity had only met Carrie a few times and knew her personality. She said, “What you said makes sense. Carrie has no
money and no boyfriend now. The main reason is that her personality is too arrogant, and she loves to show off. He won’t dress
up and appear in front of us as a stranger.
Next time I have a chance to meet her, I’ll ask around and find out who her husband’s family is and see if she really has one.”
Jasmine interrupted and said, “Serenity, didn’t Zachary make people keep an eye on Carrie? Just ask Zachary, and you’ll know
Carrie’s whereabouts.”

Last time the Matriarch Farrell came over, she thought of using Carrie. Later, the people left behind by Matriarch Farrell were
removed. Matriarch Farrell had no choice but to give up cooperation with Carrie after knowing that she was trying to scare the
Later, Liberty went to Jensburg, and Matriarch Farrell focused on Liberty.
Matriarch Farrell knew that the person from Wiltspoon who was pushing out to compete with Kathryn for head of the family was
The power here in Wiltspoon was too great, and Matriarch Farrell was from Jensburg, so it was difficult to exert it. After suffering
the loss, Matriarch Farrell understood clearly that a strong dragon could defeat a local snake, not to mention that Matriarch
Farrell was no longer a strong dragon.
She could only retreat to Jensburg, which was at least her base camp. All the forces of Matriarch Farrell were in Jensburg.
Serenity said, “Yes, I’ll ask Zachary tonight.”
The last time she mentioned this matter to Zachary, since there was no one to suspect and Zachary never cared about other
women, Serenity stopped thinking about it. Unexpectedly, she saw that person who looked like Carrie again today. She had a
target of suspicion; it would be much easier to handle.
“However, I think it might not be Carrie.” Jasmine said, “It’s not like there are people with the same body shape and similar
voices. Serenity, do you still remember that Analia found a stand-in for Zachary? The stand-in for Zachary that Analia found was
a bit similar to Zachary, with a similar body shape. But that can’t be Zachary. Sometimes people who are not blood relatives can
look alike. Some of the substitutes that celebrities find are like twins. It’s hard to tell which one is the star and which one is a
Camryn also felt that it couldn’t be Carrie. Even if she felt that the other person was very familiar,.
But Carrie was not married. If it were really Carrie, she would have cursed them when she saw them. Even if she could barely
hold back from cursing, the look in their eyes would be as if they were quenched with poison.

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