Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2928

“Serenity, don’t worry about someone who is not relevant to you.” Camryn said.
Serenity smiled and said, “I won’t bother. I’ll just mention it when Zachary comes back in the evening when we talk to him. If it’s
really Carrie, then she has a big backer, and she doesn’t know how to hold it back. What big move is waiting for Camryn?”
“Anyway, Camryn, you have to be careful.” Serenity reminded Camryn.
She also needed to be careful herself.
Fortunately, although her life was very comfortable, she did not dare to be careless and maintained a high degree of vigilance at
all times.
Related to the Farrell family in Jensburg,
Matriarch Farrell was able to cruelly k!ll her eldest sister, who brought her up, so she would not be willing to let the position of
head of the family return to the hands of her eldest sister’s descendants.
Even if Serenity is followed by bodyguards when she goes in and out, she will defend herself with fists and kicks, but she is
carrying a baby in her belly, and if she is bumped, something could happen easily.
“I will. After Carrie comes out, I will be on guard against her.”
Camryn looked outside and said, “The rain has stopped. I’ll go back to the flower shop first.”
Serenity said, “Don’t you stay a little longer and eat with us?”
Camryn smiled and said, “You two are both pregnant. I can’t let you cook for me. If I do, I can’t compliment you on my cooking
skills. I’m afraid you two won’t be able to eat. Let’s go back to the store and order takeout.”
She could still cook before she went blind. Because of her mother’s dislike of her and Carrie’s bullying and punishment, she
could cook and do a lot of housework very early. But after ten years of blindness, her little cooking skills have long become
Now, even if she wanted to cook, Callum would not agree.
Callum was the best cook among the nine young masters of the York family. In her free time, Callum cooked, and she was only
responsible for eating.

Jasmine smiled and said, “We are not picky eaters, but I am afraid that you won’t be able to eat the food we cooked. Your
Callum’s cooking skills are very good. Camryn, you are a good person. When I first met you, you looked thinner. Now you have
become much mellower after being raised by the second young master, and your complexion is also very good.”
Camryn touched her face and said, “I also think I’ve put on some weight recently, and Callum keeps saying I’m thin.”
Her face was stained with a bit of red cloud.
Camryn said, “I won’t talk to you anymore. When the students get out of school, you should be busy. I’ll go back first.”
School will be on winter vacation soon.
During the winter vacation, students needed to go to the bookstore to buy winter vacation homework. Then teachers of each
subject would assign some more homework, so that even if the students were on vacation, they had no time at home and had to
do homework every day.
It’s good to finish homework before the new year. Many students were still doing homework during the New Year, and the
number of students rushing to do homework reached its peak two days before the start of school.
Serenity and Jasmine sent Camryn out of the store together.
Camryn’s bodyguards came over quickly.

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