Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2929

“You two don’t need to send me away. Go back to the store quickly. It’s cold outside.” Camryn told her two friends not to send
them away.
“Send a message to both of us when you arrive and let us know you’re back in the store safely.” Serenity warned.
Camryn smiled and said, “I know; go in quickly. If you catch a cold, it’ll be my fault.”
These two were pregnant mothers.
Serenity and the others waited for Camryn to get in the car before they returned to the store.
Only half an hour after the two returned to the store, Carrie came.
Carrie did not come as Mrs. Labbe, so she came by bus.
The largest bus station in Wiltspoon was right opposite the intersection of Wiltspoon Middle School. It was very convenient for
Carrie to take the bus.
This was the first time for her to take a bus in her life. It was Mr. Labbe who asked her to leave and come back.
Mr. Labbe heard her say that she met Camryn in the bookstore. Although Camryn was blind in the past, she had good hearing.
She was the sister of the same mother as Carrie, so she was most familiar with her voice.
Mr. Labbe could change Carrie’s appearance, but her voice couldn’t be perfected in one go, so Carrie’s biggest flaw was her
Worried that Camryn would find out the plot, Mr. Labbe immediately asked Carrie to get out of the car halfway. Before getting off
the car, he asked her to return to Carrie’s appearance and then asked Carrie to buy some clothes to change into and take the
bus to Wiltspoon Middle School to find Camryn.
In this way, even if Camryn and others were suspicious, the appearance of Carrie would dispel their doubts.
Mr. Labbe knew that Zachary’s people were watching Carrie. As long as Carrie did not show up as Mrs. Labbe, her whereabouts
would be exposed, and Zachary’s people could know her whereabouts.
But when Carrie appeared as Mrs. Labbe, Zachary’s people couldn’t even think of targeting Carrie. Even the Bucham family
didn’t have the ability for a while.

It’s not that Mr. Labbe was bragging to Carrie; the Labbe family really didn’t take the York family seriously.
It’s the Bucham family. They just didn’t want to add an enemy. It’s not that they were afraid of the Bucham family.
“Camryn, Camryn, come out here.” Before Carrie reached the door of the bookstore, she shouted loudly for Camryn to come out.
The York family’s bodyguards immediately blocked Carrie’s path, preventing her from entering the bookstore.
Serenity heard her voice and came out of the store. When she saw it was Carrie, she stared at her for a while to make sure it
was Carrie and not the young woman who looked like Carrie. Her face was really different.
Maybe it was just a coincidence. Carrie and the young woman who left just now were not the same person. They just had a
similar body shape and voice.
Just like the man Analia found.

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