Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2935

After Hayden was silent for a moment, she said, “They grew up together and have a brotherly relationship. They can’t cut off all
contact at once.”
Kathryn: “I know.”
In the eyes of the three brothers, Kathryn, their biological sister, was an intruder who ruined their relationship with Shiloh.
The appearance of Kathryn caused Shiloh’s status to plummet.
It was okay at first; Matriarch Farrell was partial to Shiloh.
Everyone thought that Kathryn might not be able to take over everything in the Farrell family, and they all disliked Kathryn.
Two years later, when something happened to the Farrell family, the person who took charge of the overall situation and took
over everything in the Farrell family was actually Kathryn, the real daughter of the Farrell family.
But Shiloh, the fake daughter who had always been favored by Matriarch Farrell, ended up in ruins and was kicked out of the
Farrell family, leaving her with nothing.
Shiloh, who is used to enjoying life, is like Carrie, unwilling to be self-reliant. When she runs out of money, she goes to her three
brothers to ask for it.
Carrie had never worked before and had no work experience, so it was difficult to find a job. But Shiloh was once the vice
president of the Farrell Group. She couldn’t be said to be particularly outstanding. She still had some abilities. Finding a job to
support herself would not be a problem.
She was just used to enjoying it and couldn’t bear the contrast of falling from heaven to h-e-l-l.
Furthermore, she wanted to meet her adoptive mom, Matriarch Farrell, and explain things to her, hoping to gain forgiveness from
As long as her adoptive mom forgives her, even if she can’t return to the Farrell family mansion, she can at least get back the
real estate shop that her adoptive mom gave her before, so that she can have a place to stay and have some income to live.
Although the business of her shops was very bad and many shops had not been rented out after being canceled, if they are in
her hands, she can resell them and make a lot of income.

After selling her house, car, and shop, the money she got would not be less. Then she could go back to live in the town where
her biological parents lived, and her life would definitely not be bad.
Any house or shop in Jensburg’s urban area can be sold for more than $1 million. She has several shops in particularly good
locations, each of which can sell for about $2 million.
As long as she can get back her previous property and sell it off, she will be worth tens of millions. When she returns to the town
where her biological parents live, she will be a rich woman.
“My dad will be discharged from the hospital soon.” Kathryn said it lightly. “When my dad comes out, my mom will naturally take
charge of things again. My mom knows all the little tricks they do. They are the result of my mom’s connivance, leaving her to
clean up the mess. Sister Liberty’s company is almost ready.”
Matriarch Farrell’s focus was on guarding against Liberty. As for Shiloh, she was just a chess piece.
Once it has been used and has no value, it will be abandoned.
Matriarch Farrell was a decisive person.
Others always thought she was in love, and they couldn’t let go of Shiloh or the mom-daughter love that lasted more than twenty
Little did they know how much Matriarch Farrell hated Shiloh’s biological father after the identity of the real and fake daughter
was confirmed, and at the same time, she also turned her anger on Shiloh.
However, Matriarch Farrell did not show it. She was as good to Shiloh as ever, and she would not let Shiloh return to her
biological mom and continue to stay in the Farrell family as the second young lady.
That was to keep everyone’s attention on Shiloh and facilitate Kathryn’s study.
Shiloh was still complacent, thinking that, as an adopted daughter, she still had a chance to compete with Kathryn.
How could the position of head of the family that was obtained by Matriarch Farrell after killing her sisters be given to an adopted
daughter who had no blood relationship with her?
Some people were too fanciful.

Hayden hummed, “Sister Liberty is not short of money or orders; as long as she has decided on the route, that’s all.”
In fact, no matter what business Liberty did, there would be no shortage of orders.
The three major families behind Liberty, no matter how far away they were, had very long hands. Moreover, the businesses of
these three families were all over the country’s major cities, so their hands were really long.

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