Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2937

Kathryn said, “Okay, I’ll go to the hospital later. Mom, you should go home and rest.”
Kathryn did not refuse, and she agreed to go to the hospital to take care of Holden.
After being silent for a moment, Matriarch Farrell said, “Just come and sit here for an hour. You don’t have to take care of him
personally. As your biological father, he doesn’t care about you.”
Matriarch Farrell had no feelings for Kathryn at first, but after all, she was born after ten months of pregnancy. Blood is thicker
than water, so feelings can be cultivated quickly. But Holden was different.
Since Kathryn was a young girl, Janzen did not raise her. It didn’t hurt him because he didn’t even hold or love Kathryn. Also,
Kathryn did not take his surname, Janzen. His three sons were named Janzen, and they were descendants of his Janzen family.
Therefore, after Kathryn came back, Holden, the biological father, could not really accept Kathryn, the biological daughter.
Matriarch Farrell knew this better than anyone else.
Now that Holden was lying on the hospital bed and needed someone to take care of him, he thought of his biological daughter
and wanted to repair the relationship. Haha, why did he go there so early?
Kathryn said, “No matter what my dad does to me, he is still my biological father. Maybe it’s because my father and I have a bad
Kathryn had had no father’s love since she was a child. Her adoptive father had always been indifferent to her because he had
long known that she was not his biological child. Her adoptive mother and several brothers also followed the same example.
When she was a child, she was particularly envious of her brothers. They could get the love of their parents. She thought of them
for all the good food, drinks, and fun they could have, but not for her, the only daughter.
She thought her parents favored sons over daughters.
It turned out that she was not their biological child.
After returning to her biological parents, her biological mother tested and trained her in various ways, but she was rarely shown
any warmth.

Not to mention Holden, who only had eyes for Shiloh, his adopted daughter, and when introducing her boyfriend, he also
introduced those second-generation ancestors, who had no ability at all.
After Matriarch Farrell was silent, she said, “You are a sensible child; you can also look away.”
Kathryn had a broad mind and didn’t care about anything.
Matriarch Farrell said, “Okay, just go ahead and get busy. I will wait until you come to the hospital before going home.”
“Oh, by the way, how are you handling the bodyguard’s death in a car accident?” Matriarch Farrell asked.
The arrangement that night failed to harm Liberty in the slightest, which made her feel regretful.
Not only did Liberty not get hurt at all, but the Farrell family also suffered a big loss because what happened to Holden and
Shiloh could not be concealed.
Many people in the clan knew about it. They didn’t dare to say anything on their faces, but they didn’t know how to gloat behind
their backs.
Matriarch Farrell thought that her majesty in the clan was gained through ruthlessness and not because people respected her
sincerely. She couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. She might really be inferior to her eldest sister.
Even though her eldest sister raised her and gave her a lot of advice when she was ill and needed help with things, she was still
not as good as her eldest sister.
Kathryn said, “It was taken care of. The insurance company paid a sum of money, and we gave another sum of money. Liberty
also gave money. She said that the car accident happened because the bodyguard helped her drive.”
The bodyguard who died in the car accident only had one younger brother. His younger brother was still in college. The death
compensation was all given to the younger brother of the deceased. On the surface, it was an accident. The young man did not
know the truth and would not pursue the truth.
The young man just thought that his brother had died in an accidental car accident. His boss gave him so much money, and he
was still grateful.
Matriarch Farrell said nothing more.

The mother and daughter quickly ended the call.
Hayden listened to the phone call between mother and daughter and got a general idea. After Kathryn ended the call, she said to
Kathryn, “If you are busy, go and do your business first.”

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