Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2942

Holden didn’t have the courage either.
Matriarch Farrell could even kick out her children, so why did she still care about Holden, a visiting husband?
Matriarch Farrell turned around and left.
Kathryn sent Matriarch Farrell out and asked about Holden at the same time.
Matriarch Farrell said, “You just chat with him here. Your eldest brother will come over in an hour. He is the eldest son. He should
take the lead in taking care of your dad.”
Kathryn said nothing.
The mother and daughter only chatted for a few words. When they arrived at the elevator, Kathryn stopped and watched
Matriarch Farrell leave with the bodyguards.
Kathryn turned back to the ward.
Mr. Fraser just poured a glass of warm water for Holden, and Holden was also polite to Mr. Fraser.
No one dared to look down upon or despise the assistants around Matriarch Farrell or Kathryn; they were their confidants.
Even Matriarch Farrell was polite to Mr. Fraser.
When Holden saw Kathryn coming back, a smile appeared on his face, and he watched Kathryn come over.
“Dad, how are you feeling? Are you feeling better?”
Kathryn sat down in front of Holden’s hospital bed and asked politely.
Looking at Holden, who had been in the hospital for a week, his face looked pale and bloodless, as if he had aged ten years.
Kathryn knew that Holden was suffering in his heart.
The physical pain and physical disability severely tortured Holden’s mind. In addition, there was no way to take care of him in the
hospital, which made him look ten years older.

“I feel much better and will be discharged from the hospital soon. Your mom takes good care of me and is considerate. She
feeds me every day.” Holden said it warmly.
Matriarch Farrell did feed him three meals a day, but no matter whether the food was hot or cold, she still stuffed it into his
mouth. When it was hot, it made his tongue turn red, and when it was cold, even his heart was cold.
The closest relatives are the husband and wife.
She was a little too cruel to him.
He didn’t mean to get together with Shiloh; they were both calculated.
Matriarch Farrell also taught him a lesson about her last cheating. What else did she need him to do before she could spare
Holden had also committed suicide, and he could no longer play with women. Wasn’t Matriarch Farrell satisfied?
Kathryn smiled and said, “Dad, Mom actually still cares about you, but you really hurt Mom’s heart. Mom is a person with strong
Holden’s smile vanished, and regret took its place. He looked regretful and said to Kathryn, “Yes, it’s my fault. It’s me who’s sorry
for your mom. Although your mom is a strong person, she is very strict, but in fact, she is kind and affectionate to me and the
Janzen family.”
Sometimes, Holden did regret that he was caught playing with women by Matriarch Farrell. But he really couldn’t hold it in any
He was in his early seventies. Because he took good care of himself, like a fifty-year-old, he felt good about himself and felt that
he was very young.
In that aspect, he was indeed a bit stronger.
But when Matriarch Farrell got older, the only time she spent time with him was to chat about family matters and their children,
and there was no such thing as husband and wife having s-e-x in the same room.
He could only go out and steal food. The strange thing was that he was unable to keep secrets well enough and was discovered.
Someone must have told Matriarch Farrell so that she could accurately catch the adulterer.

That day, Matriarch Farrell had just returned from Wiltspoon.
Holden didn’t believe it when he said no one complained.

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