Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2944

Besides, even if Matriarch Farrell has someone in her heart, she has been married to Holden for decades, but she doesn’t have
a pretty boy outside, which is much better than Holden.
Knowing that Kathryn didn’t want to chat with him, Holden took advantage of the situation and said, “After watching the movie for
a while, I’m tired.
Then lie down and rest.” Kathryn wanted to help Holden lie down, but Mr. Fraser did it for her.
Kathryn let Mr. Fraser take her place and help Holden lie down.
Kathryn: “Dad, Mr. Fraser and I are in the living room.
If you need anything, just shout.
My elder brother will come over to accompany you later.” Holden said, “Why did your elder brother come here? Didn’t he tell you
to take care of dad in the hospital for two days? Why, you don’t want to?” “My eldest brother is also your child.
His dad is in the hospital.
Is there anything wrong with asking my eldest brother to come and take care of you? Does this have anything to do with whether
I am willing or not? My dad is not mine alone.” Holden choked and said, “Your eldest brother has to go to work.” Kathryn: “I also
have to go to work.
I’m busier than my eldest brother.” Holden wanted to say something else, but Kathryn said, “My mom asked me to come over
and chat with you, and my eldest brother will take over after an hour.” When he heard that it was Matriarch Farrell’s arrangement,
Holden didn’t dare say anything.
Ads by Pubfuture Oh, he still wanted to know how Shiloh was doing, but he didn’t dare to ask Kathryn.
She hid near the entrance of the inpatient department, staring at the door of the inpatient department, waiting for Matriarch
Farrell to appear.
Matriarch Farrell walked out of the inpatient department surrounded by bodyguards, and Shiloh immediately appeared and ran
The personal bodyguards around Matriarch Farrell were not vegetarians.

Before Shiloh could get close, they kicked her off.
Thanks to Shiloh’s quick reaction and quick dodge, she was able to avoid the bodyguard’s flying kick.
“Mom, it’s me, Shiloh, mom.” Shiloh shouted quickly.
After hearing that it was Shiloh, the bodyguard group stopped moving but still prevented Shiloh from approaching.
“mom.” Seeing that Matriarch Farrell did not stop and continued walking, Shiloh shouted and ran after her.
“Mom, can you listen to my explanation? You raised me, mom.
Even though we are not related by blood, I have been raised by you as your biological daughter since I was born.
Mom, you know what my character is.
How can I maybe… Mom, I was framed.
Mom, don’t go, Mom.” Shiloh tried her best to hold Matriarch Farrell’s hand, but the bodyguards refused to let her get closer, so
she could only explain and run along.
Ads by Pubfuture She hoped Matriarch Farrell could listen to her explanation.
If matriarch Farrell wanted to drive her out of the Farrell family mansion, just drive her out.
If she didn’t let her last name be Farrell, she could just change it back to her original surname, but please give her all her
previous property.
Without money, she lived a miserable life and could hardly move forward.
In particular, the three sisters-in-law often add insult to injury.
When they caught her, they bullied her, insulted her, and ridiculed her.
She also had several fights with her three sisters-in-law.
Until now, Shiloh could not guess who was plotting against her and harming her.
Those were her three good sisters-in-law.

When she was the young mistress of the Farrell family, her three sisters-in-law were so kind to her.
But later, they were teaming up to harm her.

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