Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2946

After crying for a while, Shiloh stopped crying.
She stood up and counted the $2000.
It was really a thousand dollars.
In the past, $2000 was not money in her eyes.
Now $2000 may be her monthly accommodation and food expenses.
At this moment, Shiloh was worse than Carrie at Wiltspoon.
Even if Carrie is not raised as a pawn by Mr. Labbe, at least she still has a biological brother who gives her some living expenses
every month so that she cannot starve.
Shiloh had no one to rely on.
But she was unwilling to leave Jensburg like this.
She wanted to go back and take revenge on her three sisters-in-law.
Those three brothers all inherited Holden’s lust and liked to raise women outside.
And she knew their preferences very well, as well as their virtues, mainly because they had feelings for her.
If she hooks them, they are guaranteed to fall under her skirt.
Let them all be obsessed with her and make the three sisters-in-law angry to death.
She was not clean anymore anyway.
Anyway, she was not a biological child of the Farrell family and had no blood relationship with Marco and the others.
As long as they gave her money and supported her, she wouldn’t care about anything except her three sisters-in-law.
Ads by Pubfuture Shiloh left the hospital with a broken heart.
Kathryn, who was standing at the window of the living room and looking down, could see Shiloh chasing her mother to explain.

She could hear Shiloh crying loudly for her mother.
Kathryn had a sneer on her face when she saw that her mother only asked the bodyguard to give Shiloh a little money and then
left Shiloh.
“Looking at her, she still doesn’t want to give up.
She might do something.” Mr. Fraser, who was standing next to Kathryn, paid attention to Kathryn’s reaction and said it in a deep
Kathryn didn’t look at him, but she agreed with his statement.
She said, “The only ones Shiloh can hold on to now are the three brothers.
I want to see how brave the three brothers are in front of women.
Mr. Fraser, help me pay attention to their every move.
If you see them together, take photos or videos and leave evidence.
I will show it to my three sisters-in-law and let them catch the adulterers.” It would be best if the three brothers divorced their
wives for Shiloh and angered Matriarch Farrell; without her taking any explicit action, the three brothers could lose their mother’s
favor and be kicked out of the Farrell Group.
Whether it’s for herself or the Farrell family, Kathryn doesn’t want to keep her three brothers in the company.
Even if the Farrell family couldn’t help but drive away the three brothers and the people around them, it Ads by Pubfuture would
be much easier if Liberty took over.
The Farrell Group had many relatives to help.
Those relatives were the most difficult to deal with.
If those relatives are not driven out of the company, Farrell Group will be forced to go bankrupt sooner or later.
What they wanted to do most was not ignore her as their successor.
It depended on who laughed last.

“I will.” Mr. Fraser looked at the time and warned, “The young master is coming soon.” Kathryn said, “It would be great if the
eldest brother happened to see Shiloh.” Mr. Fraser smiled, changed the subject, and asked her, “Mr. Janzen just said about
Matriarch Farrell; did the young master believe it?” “It doesn’t matter if he believes it or not.
That happened when my mother was young.
Who didn’t have a few crushes when they were young? When I was a student, I had a crush on boys.” It just ended in vain.
Romance in school days, especially puppy love in middle school and high school, will naturally end as soon as you graduate.
Mr. Fraser’s black eyes flickered.
“Miss, Is the boy you liked married?” Kathryn: “It’s done; it’s been done a long time ago.
He has trouble with his second child.
It seems like he had a child before he graduated from college, and then his wife took a leave of absence from school to raise the
child.” Mr. Fraser felt relieved when he heard that the other party was married, became a father, and had a second child.
Kathryn: “When he got married, he invited me to be the bridesmaid and have a wedding banquet.
I witnessed the boy I once liked become happy, and I felt pretty good about it, so I naturally let it go.” So far, she has never liked
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