Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2949

Holden looked at Kathryn and said, “Kathryn, since your elder brother is here, you should go back first. Your mom has been in a
bad mood recently and has not returned to the company. Regardless of family matters, you are probably too tired. Go back and
Marco also said, “Yes, Kathryn, I can just stay here with dad. You can go back.”
Kathryn didn’t want to stay here anymore.
She and Holden had no father-daughter relationship.
If she wasn’t really Holden’s biological daughter, she wouldn’t even want to see him.
Kathryn said, “Brother, I’ll go back first. If you need anything, call me.”
“I know; drive carefully on the road.” Marco gave Kathryn and Mr. Fraser a warning before sending Kathryn and Mr. Fraser out.
After the two people walked away, Marco turned around and walked back, saying to Holden, “Dad, Kathryn, and Mr. Fraser are
Holden said, “Go and have a look in two minutes to make sure they won’t come back.”
Hearing what his father said, Marco knew that his father wanted to ask him about Shiloh, and he hummed.
After a few minutes, Marco went out and walked around the ward. After making sure that Kathryn and Mr. Fraser had left, he
returned to the ward.
“Dad, they are really left.”
Marco opened the door, entered the ward, and said to Holden,.
“Dad, how is your health?” Marco sat down in front of the hospital bed and continued, “Mom doesn’t let us inquire too much
about your condition. We only know that you’re injured. We don’t know how serious the injury is.”
He looked Holden up and down and saw no injuries on him.
His limbs were intact, and the slap marks on his face had long been invisible, but his mental state was just a little worse.

Holden did not tell Marco that he had become an eunuch. He just said, “I just suffered some internal injuries. I stayed in the
hospital for a few days and recovered well. I will be discharged from the hospital in a few days.
Your mom was so angry that she dealt a cruel blow to me. After I was injured, your mom felt regretful and distressed. She sent
me to the hospital and took care of me personally. Anyway, I’m fine now.”
Marco felt relieved.
“It’s okay, Dad. Don’t do anything to make me feel sorry for my mom again. Dad, you know better than us what kind of person my
mom is. Don’t provoke my mom. When my mom is angry, even we, the biological sons, can k!ll you.”
Marco always knew that his mom was a cruel person.
Holden blushed and said, “I know; I will never cheat your mom again. This time, your mom has forgiven me, and I will protect
your mom for the rest of my life.”
“That’s right, Dad, you’re already a grandfather, and you’re still making a fuss all over the city because of the sexy news. It’s so
ugly. Your grandchildren will experience some effects, and their classmates will tease them at school.
Holden looked ugly.
After a moment of silence, he asked, “How is Shiloh? “Does everyone in the clan know about Shiloh and me?”
Marco said, “Probably not. Anyway, no one in the clan is talking about it. Mom and Kathryn have blocked the matter and don’t
allow insiders to say anything. If anyone knows, it must be Liberty, Hayden, and Kevin.”

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