Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2951

Married At First Sight Chapter 2951-“Dad, what if Shiloh refuses to leave?
After being brother and sister for nearly thirty years, Marco also knew Shiloh’s temperament.
He felt that Shiloh would not leave, and she hoped that her adoptive mother would forgive her. Furthermore, she now has no
source of income. How will she live if she leaves Jensburg?
Shiloh could find a job to support herself, but Shiloh was used to being pampered and had developed a proud temperament. It
was difficult for her to let go of her identity and work for others.
After Holden was silent, he said, “Try to persuade her to leave and not stay in Jensburg anymore.”
Marco said, “Okay, I’ll have someone look for her. If I find her, I’ll secretly give her a sum of money and let her leave. Dad, you
take a nap; I’m sleepy too, so I’ll take a nap here.”
Holden said, “Well, you go and have a nap on the sofa outside.”
Holden felt sorry for Marco. Hearing that Marco was sleepy and seeing that his face was also full of fatigue, he asked Marco to
lie down on the sofa in the living room.
He also felt asleep in the bed.

At 3:30 in the afternoon, Serenity said to Jasmine, “Jasmine, I will go to the kindergarten to pick up Sonny.”
Jasmine hummed, “Go ahead and go home as soon as you pick up Sonny. There’s no need to come to the bookstore. I can
handle it.”
She didn’t want Serenity running around.
Serenity was not polite to her. “I will take Sonny to my aunt’s house as soon as I receive him.”
Let’s take a look at the baby.
Sonny liked to see babies very much.

Every time he saw the baby, he asked when the baby in her belly would come out to play with him.
He also said that many of his toys should be given to babies to play with.
Serenity left the bookstore with two bodyguards. Before leaving, Jasmine told her to go to the company when she was free
tomorrow instead of coming to the bookstore. The two of them would take care of their careers separately so as not to worry
about everything in the bookstore.
Elisa had no complaints, but she and Remy were in a passionate relationship, and they had to share some work so that Elisa
could have time to date Remy.
Half an hour later.
Serenity arrived at the kindergarten.
There were many cars parked at the entrance of the kindergarten. Serenity was considered a celebrity in Wiltspoon. She kept a
low profile and asked the bodyguard to park the car farther away, and then she walked to pick up Sonny.
The two bodyguards were worried and followed her to the entrance of the kindergarten, keeping a distance of three to four
meters from her.
Although not many people dared to go against Serenity, the bodyguards dared not take it lightly. After all, their eldest young
mistress has a young master in her belly.
Serenity handed the pick-up card to the teacher and waited for the teacher to send Sonny out.
“Hey, aren’t you the owner of the bookstore in front of Wiltspoon Middle School? Are you here to pick up your children? Your
children are in kindergarten?”
A somewhat familiar voice sounded next to Serenity.
Serenity turned her head to look at the other person and found that it was the young woman who looked very similar to Carrie.
Carrie smiled at Serenity, and Serenity also smiled and replied, “I am helping my sister pick up the child, my nephew. Are you
here to pick up your sister-in-law?”

She remembered the first time this young woman went to her bookstore to buy informational books. She said she bought
information books for her brother-in-law and also mentioned that her sister-in-law had just entered kindergarten.

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