Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2956

Both Alice and her son were asleep. Upon seeing this, Serenity grabbed Sonny and stopped Mrs. Stone from entering. She
whispered, “Auntie, let Auntie and baby sleep; let’s not disturb her.”
Mrs. Stone nodded gently and closed the door gently.
Sonny was a little disappointed. He also wanted to play with his little brother for a while.
After returning to the sofa on the first floor and sitting down, Sonny ate some snacks and then played by himself in the hall.
The Stone family also had some toys that Elisa bought for Sonny when he came here on a regular basis, but he didn’t take them
There were more toys, many of which were newly bought, probably for Alice’s son.
Sonny played first.
Serenity said, “Auntie, I want to ask you about someone.”
Mrs. Stone said, “Who do you want to inquire about? You can also ask Zachary.”
Serenity smiled and said, “When asking about a woman, Zachary doesn’t pay attention to other women.”
Mrs. Stone smiled knowingly: “Yes, Zachary’s feelings for you are very dedicated. Seeing that you are so happy now, I hope
Remy and Elisa will be as happy as you in the future.”
She was not worried about her son’s life. Her son stayed with her. But whether the daughter is married off or married far away,.
Remy was so kind to Elisa that he was even willing to visit her for Elisa’s sake.
He even bought the large villa next to the Stone family early, planning to live in Wiltspoon permanently in the future, so that
Elisa’s return to her parents’ home would be as close as possible.
Life is such a long road, and no one can guarantee whether there will be any changes in the future.
“Auntie, please rest assured. Remy will definitely pamper Elisa for the rest of his life. He and Elisa finally got your permission,
and he cherishes it very much. Besides, what kind of temperament does our Elisa have? As a person, if Remy changes her mind
a little bit, she can cut off the love with a sword. She is a person who can take it and let it go.

Remy also knows her very well and knows that once he has second thoughts, he will lose Elisa and won’t even have any room to
maneuver. He won’t.
The family tradition of the Johnson family did not allow Remy to have second thoughts. Auntie, you said that family tradition is
very important. A good family tradition will raise a good man. Don’t worry.”
Mrs. Stone smiled and said, “Okay, okay, I will listen to you. I’m not worried anymore. Everyone has their own destiny. If fate is
like this, no one can change it. However, I believe that Elisa has good fortune. Fortune tellers say that she will live her whole life
happy, and when they are old, their children and grandchildren will all be filial.”
Serenity said, “Elisa is definitely blessed. Anyway, I’m not worried that Remy will treat Elisa badly. Instead, I’m worried that Elisa
will neglect Remy when she is busy with work. When I give birth to a baby, I will take over everything about the company; let
Elisa and Remy have a good honeymoon abroad.”
Elisa insisted on waiting until Serenity and Jasmine had a baby before holding a wedding with Remy.
One was the sisterly love, and the other was that Elisa would go on honeymoon after the wedding. It would be difficult for her
and Jasmine to manage the company’s affairs if they were pregnant. When she and Jasmine have a baby, Elisa will have
nothing to worry about.
“Seren, who did you just say you wanted to inquire about? As long as it’s a woman from the upper-class circles in Wiltspoon, if
you name her, I will know her.”
Serenity said: “She said her husband’s surname is Labbe, and she is a very young woman, probably in her early twenties. She
must have just been married.”

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