Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2957

Married At First Sight Chapter 2957-After thinking for a while, Mrs. Stone replied, “I have lived in Wiltspoon for decades. Since
I married your uncle, I have entered the upper-class circle. I have met countless wives and daughters, but I have never heard
Mrs. Labbe.”
Serenity said: “She said that her husband’s family is not from Wiltspoon, but they have settled in Wiltspoon, and most of their
business is in other places. She also said that her husband’s family is very low-key and may rarely attend banquets. “
Mrs. Stone said: “No matter how low-key they are, people who want to do business will always have social contacts. She’s not
from Wiltspoon, but she has settled in Wiltspoon, and she always interacts with people. I have never heard of the Labbe family.
Maybe they haven’t reached the level of a wealthy family yet, so they are not in the same circle as us. Seren, what are you
asking about this person? Is there anything wrong with her?”
Serenity told Mrs. Stone how she got to know Mrs. Labbe and added, “Every time I see her, I feel a sense of familiarity. She
looks like Carrie, the second lady of the Newman family. Camryn also said that Mrs. Labbe looks very similar to Carrie.”
“Camryn and Carrie have been sisters for more than 20 years. She is most familiar with Carrie. She said that Mrs. Labbe not
only looks like her but also sounds like her. But Mrs. Labbe is not Carrie because Carrie often goes to Camryn and asks for
money because she has no money. Two days ago, Carrie went to my mother-in-law’s house and asked Aunt Rosella for money.”
Mrs. Stone said, “The body shape is similar, the voice is similar, and the face is not the same, right? Since Carrie still appears, it
means that she has not had plastic surgery. Even if she has plastic surgery, it will take a while before she can see people. How
about Mrs. Labbe’s conversation and behavior?”
Serenity said, “She looks gentle and generous and talks with a smile, but I always feel that she is a bit unnatural. I can’t find any
faults, even if I look carefully.”
Mrs. Stone said, “Don’t bother to guess her. I’ll ask my relatives and friends to help you find out about Mrs. Labbe.”
Serenity smiled and said, “I don’t want to spend time guessing who she is, but I always feel that something is wrong, and she will
always overlap with Carrie. Even if she is not Carrie, if I know her background, it’s better to make sure that she and Carrie are
two different people. Carrie hates Camryn and is full of hatred for me. If she plays two roles and approaches Camryn and me to
do something, wouldn’t we be caught off guard?”
Mrs. Stone said amusedly, “You are too cautious. Carrie is young and spoiled by her parents. Now she has no parents to protect
her. She can’t even fight Camryn. How can she deal with you?”

“A person plays two roles, and there needs to be someone behind her to support her. She has to act like one. Her face doesn’t
look like Carrie. Plastic surgery can be denied. Maybe she used makeup or wore a personal leather mask.”
At this point, both Mrs. Stone and Serenity became silent.
After all, Mrs. Stone was well-informed. She quickly added, “Sometimes people’s intuition is very accurate. Sometimes, a small
movement or something that is going around in your mind means that there must be a problem.
I didn’t even think about human skin masks just now. There is a kind of human skin mask that can change a person’s
appearance by sticking it on, making it look real, and making it difficult to tell whether it is real or fake. “
Serenity thought for a while and said, “I have a bad relationship with Carrie. She is arrogant, impulsive, and doesn’t know the
heights of the world. She doesn’t have such a good strategy. She can’t think of changing her face. Besides, when Mrs. Labbe
appeared, she was sitting in a luxurious car with two bodyguards and brand-name clothes.
If Mrs. Labbe is a character played by Carrie, who is giving her advice behind the scenes? I don’t want to take advantage of
Zachary, but I am his wife, and I have to take advantage of him even if I don’t want to take part in it. With my identity, there are
really not many people in Wiltspoon who dare to target me.”
Mrs. Stone asked, “Have Mrs. Labbe and Carrie appeared at the same time?”
Serenity said, “That’s not true.”
Mrs. Stone asked again, “Do you know anyone with the surname Labbe?”
Serenity shook her head instinctively and said, “No.”

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