Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2963

Tania didn’t close the door. She said, “I was in a bad mood, but I’m fine now.”
“Mom, what happened?” Serenity asked with concern.
Tania asked her first, “Do you want to drink water?”
Serenity said, “No, thank you, Mom.”
Tania came over, pulled Serenity to sit down on the sofa, and said, “It’s not a big deal. I just had to argue with your dad about
Tatum. I got so angry that I ran away from home.”
Serenity: “That means my dad doesn’t know you came here?”
Tania was a little embarrassed now. She said, “I haven’t told him yet, and I asked Sam not to say it yet. I want to calm down.”
“My dad will be worried to death. Mom, what happened to Tatum?”
Serenity asked with concern. Then she said to Tania, “Mom, you should send a message to dad first and tell him that you are
with us, so that dad will not look for you everywhere.”
Tania pursed her lips and said, “I’ve been here for a few hours, but he hasn’t come over. Maybe he’s not worried about me at all.”
After a pause, she added in a low voice, “But I went out secretly. He didn’t know that I went out. Maybe he thought I locked
myself in the room.”
Otherwise, with how much Liam cares about her, it would be impossible not to look for her.
However, Tania could send a message to Liam, telling him that she was with Zachary.
Liam sent her a lot of messages, which she read but did not reply to.
After seeing that Tania sent a message to Liam, Serenity asked curiously, “What’s wrong with Tatum?”
“Seren, I told you before that Tatum likes cooking. He now wants to be a chef. Personally, I don’t agree with it, but your dad
backs him up and lets him do what he wants.”
All the young masters of the York family could cook.

Grandma May cultivated this. She required her grandchildren to all have the ability to be independent. Even without the
protection of the family, they could still support themselves.
Everyone was versatile. If the family company went bankrupt one day, they could still survive based on their abilities.
Kevin was a good cook, but the sixth young master of the York family, Tatum York, was the one who liked cooking the most. He
was Zachary’s biological brother and Serenity’s biological brother-in-law.
Serenity smiled and said, “Mom, you and dad even quarreled over this matter.”
Tania said, “It’s not really a quarrel; it’s just a disagreement and a few arguments. You also know that the men in their family dote
on their wives. He has lavished me with attention for many years. If a united front is used against me, I will get angry.”
As Tania spoke, she blushed and felt that she was being a little pretentious.
Serenity said, “Mom, I think what Dad said is right. Let Tatum do whatever he wants. His career is already stable. It’s good to let
him do something he likes.”
There are nine young masters in the York family, and the three young masters in front of them were the eldest in each house
who carried the heavy burden.
Who called them the boss?
The boss took the lead.
Starting with the Fourth Young Master, Evan York, if he didn’t join the family company and help manage the family business, he
would start his own business with a sum of money.
Tatum not only helped take care of the family business but also started his own business. He liked cooking, but his business was
not in the catering business. Maybe this was a bit disappointing for her.

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