Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2970

“Do what you like to do with your heart, and you will get the best results. Tatum, believe in yourself.”
Tatum said, “Thank you, sister-in-law. My sister-in-law said this, and I have confidence again. Also, the food my eldest brother
cooks is delicious. I cook more than him, and I like it more. I am more attentive. I think I will not be worse than others.”
He also invested in the catering industry and often traveled around the country to taste food from all over the country and learn to
cook dishes from various factions.
Sometimes he would make a dish over and over again, striving to make it the best.
He was also good at cooking at home.
There were also a variety of exquisite snacks.
In short, he liked to dabble in anything related to eating.
It should be possible to take down Miss Ormond’s stomach.
Serenity said, “That’s right, as the sons of our York family, we must not lose our self-confidence. Believe in yourself and in
Grandma. Grandma has chosen Miss Ormond for you, so she knows that you are capable enough to win her over.
“You see, she enjoys eating but is quite particular about what she eats, whereas you have a passion for cooking and can prepare
an assortment of delectable dishes. They are a match made in heaven. Her stomach is probably just waiting for you to feed her.”
Tatum blushed. “Sister-in-law, it’s a little early to say that now. I don’t know her well yet, and I don’t know what her temperament
is like. When marrying a virtuous wife, it mainly depends on her temperament and how she behaves.”
It’s not just about appearance.
In terms of appearance, Miss Ormond was not a great beauty. She was a good-looking person, and the more he looked at her,
the better she looked.
As soon as he saw her photo, he fell in love with her.
“I told you to trust Grandma. The candidate she picked for you will not be bad. Grandma must have inspected it before making a
decision. However, you still have to get to know her. After all, you are the one who wants to marry a wife. You want to spend your
whole life with her.

You have to understand her, get along well with her, have common topics, and be with her for a lifetime so that you won’t be
Tatum just planned to use the opportunity of being a chef to get in touch with Miss Ormond and get to know her. The most
important thing was to make her fall in love with him.
“Sister-in-law, don’t tell my parents about Miss Ormond. Who knows if I can catch Miss Ormond? If not, it would be embarrassing
to go alone and come back alone.”
Tatum was still young and energetic and worried about being embarrassed.
Even his parents didn’t want to tell him because they were afraid that if he failed to pursue his wife, everyone would laugh at him
and lose face.
Serenity readily agreed: “I won’t tell your parents, but when I tried to persuade mom just now, I mentioned it. I said that you
suddenly wanted to work as a cook for someone else. Maybe there was a marriageable person in that family. Daughter,
Grandma has chosen you as your wife. Then mom said, ‘You are in this world.’ Whatever you want to do, just do it. She can’t
control that much.”
Tatum: “Sister-in-law, you are really good at guessing.”
He never talked about it. He didn’t even tell his eldest brother, Zachary, but his sister-in-law, Serenity, guessed it.
Serenity smiled and said, “You are already in your twenties. Grandma often travels around. She said that Tatum and River are
still young, but in fact, she has carefully selected them for you. River is indeed a bit younger. He is only twenty-three or four
years old.”
“But you are two or three years older than River. It will take some time to chase a wife. By the time you get married, you might be
thirty years old. If you are less than thirty years old, you will still be thirty if you round up.”
Tatum: “Grandma infected my sister-in-law and she said that people our age always like to use the rounding method. I am
already thirty now.”
Serenity chuckled. “Time flies so fast. You feel you are still very young, but in a blink of an eye, you are middle-aged.”

“Sister-in-law, don’t tell your parents where the girl is from or what her surname is. That way, even if my mother knows that I am
chasing my wife, as long as she doesn’t know about Miss Ormond, I can pretend to be a chef.”
“When the time comes when I fail to pursue my wife and I come back, I will be told that I was fired by my employer.”
Serenity smiled and said, “Okay, I won’t tell. I promise not to tell.”

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