Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2972

“Tania, if you want to come over, you won’t take me with you; leave me at home. We are husband and wife, and we will never
leave each other. Have you ever considered my feelings when you left me at home? You miss Zachary and Serenity. Tell me.
Why don’t I come with you?”
Glancing at Sonny sitting on Tania’s lap, Liam added, “You miss Sonny, and I miss Sonny too.”
Sonny, who was pointed out, raised his little face, looked at Tania, then at Liam, and finally at Tatum and Serenity. He didn’t quite
understand why he was involved.
He just asked Grandma Reading to watch cartoons with him. Then Grandpa York came.
Grandpa York took Grandma Reading’s hand and said a lot in front of him. Grandma Reading seemed to blush, and then she let
him watch TV by himself and pulled Grandpa York upstairs.
Just two minutes after going downstairs, his aunt, Serenity, and uncle Tatum came in.
“I miss Grandma Reading too.” Sonny said it with twinkling, big eyes.
Everyone laughed.
Sonny was inexplicable, and he soon started laughing too.
Serenity said to her nephew, “Sonny, it’s time to go upstairs and take a shower. After taking a shower, go to bed. You have to get
up to go to kindergarten tomorrow.”
“Auntie, can I watch it for another ten minutes?” As soon as Sonny heard Serenity urging him to go upstairs to wash up and
sleep, he couldn’t help but bargain.
Serenity reminded Sonny, “Tomorrow is Friday. Your Uncle Lewis will pick you up from kindergarten in the afternoon, and then
Uncle Lewis will take you by plane to Jensburg. Your mother is waiting for you and Uncle Lewis in Jensburg.”
Serenity even wanted to fly to Jensburg, but no one supported her.
Liberty also warned her that if she didn’t listen to Zachary, she would deal with her when she came back.
She was afraid that Zachary couldn’t control Serenity, so she insisted on going to Jensburg. Zachary couldn’t do anything to her,
so she warned Serenity in advance.

Jensburg was a bit dangerous for Serenity and Liberty.
Liberty took the lead, and she wouldn’t back down.
But Serenity was pregnant, and Liberty would not let her come to Jensburg no matter what. To put it bluntly, both her son and
sister stayed at Wiltspoon. If something happened to her, there would still be someone to help collect her body.
Sonny followed Duncan to Jensburg on Friday. Only with Duncan following him would Liberty agree to Sonny coming.
It’s only been two days.
The battle between her and the Farrell family would become more intense, and she would not let Sonny come to Jensburg again.
Nothing had happened yet. The Farrell family was still wary of the York family, and they dared not move around for the time
When the dog jumped over the wall, there was no telling what the Farrell family would do.
Sonny suddenly said happily, “Auntie, I won’t watch cartoons anymore. I will go upstairs to take a shower and then go to bed.
Oh, after taking a shower, I still have to pack my things.”
Sonny had followed Serenity on a long trip to FC Manor. During that trip, Serenity bought him a small suitcase and told him to
use the small suitcase to carry his things whenever he traveled far in the future.
With that said, Sonny slipped from Tania’s arms, not forgetting to say good night to everyone present. Then, happily, he went
Tania said to Serenity, “Seren, do you want him to take a bath by himself?”
Serenity said, “He has learned to take care of himself.”
“Now I want to help him bathe, but he doesn’t want me. He says he is a man, and I am a woman. He can’t let a woman help him
bathe. It’s very embarrassing.”
Everyone laughed again.
Sonny was a little kid who knew that there were differences between men and women.

But Serenity followed Sonny upstairs.

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