Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2975

Zachary arrived home at midnight. He also drank some wine, but was not drunk.
Tatum, who had been waiting for him to come back, heard the sound of a car outside, got up, and walked out.
Zachary’s special car drove to the door of the main house and stopped.
The bodyguard got out of the car and saw Tatum coming out. He called him first and then quickly opened the door for Zachary.
He wanted to help Zachary get out of the car, but he refused.
“I’m not drunk.” Zachary said it in a low voice.
“Brother.” Tatum took a few steps forward and reached out to help his elder brother, but Zachary also pushed him away.
“Tatum, why are you here?”
Zachary was quite surprised to see Tatum.
Zachary said, “I only drank one glass of wine; I’m not drunk; I don’t need your help.”
“Brother, I have something to talk to you about, so I’m waiting here for you to come back.”
Tatum still helped Zachary, and when he smelled the alcohol, he said, “Brother, you drank a strong bar, and the alcohol smell is
very strong.”
“When we have a good conversation, we drink a little.” As Zachary walked into the house, he smelled it himself and asked
Tatum, “Does the wine smell very strong? Will it stink to your sister-in-law?”
He might have to sleep in the study tonight.
Serenity didn’t like him smoking and drinking.
Sometimes, when socializing, he would eat a lot of chewing gum after smoking a cigarette. Only after removing the cigarette
smell did he dare to go home, for fear of inhaling his wife.
Especially since his wife was pregnant with the child of their love.
He didn’t want his wife to be able to smell the smoke.

There was no smell of tobacco at all at home. Friends knew that smoking was not allowed in his house.
Zachary muttered to himself, “I can really smell the wine. It’s so late, so I won’t disturb Seren. I’ll spend the night in the study
He suddenly stopped again, turned around, and asked Tatum, “I thought I saw my parents’ cars parked in the parking lot just
Tatum replied, “My parents are here, and grandma hasn’t come back from going out to meet friends. Mom was afraid that you
couldn’t take care of my sister-in-law, so she and dad came to stay for a few days to keep an eye on her.”
Zachary’s mouth twitched. Why couldn’t he take care of his wife?
His parents came here to be light bulbs. But his parents were here, and he couldn’t drive them away. His parents had always
been very sensible and would not easily come over and disturb the young couple.
Something happened.
Zachary stared at Tatum for a moment and asked, “Tatum, are you in trouble? Or did your parents quarrel?”
Tatum said quickly, “Brother, I didn’t get into trouble. How could such an honest person like me get into trouble?”
“My parents didn’t quarrel; they just disagreed on something and just argued a few words.”
Zachary’s expression was serious: “My parents disagree on something? Something related to you?”
Tatum cursed in his heart; the eldest brother was drunk, and his mind was still so clear that it was not easy to fool him at all.
“Brother, please sit down first, and I’ll get you a glass of water.” With that said, Tatum ran to pour water for Zachary.
Zachary walked to the sofa and sat down.
The TV was still on, with the volume turned down low, and there was a pot of tea and some snacks on the coffee table.

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