Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2976

Without asking, Zachary knew that Tatum was here watching TV, drinking tea, and eating snacks, waiting for him to come back.
Tatum quickly poured a glass of warm water. He placed the glass of warm water in front of Zachary and then stood aside with a
smile on his handsome face, as if he were waiting for his brother’s orders and would serve immediately.
Zachary looked up at him and said in a low voice, “Sit down.”
“Okay, thank you, brother.” Tatum sat down quickly.
Zachary said, “You are so polite, and you still say you didn’t get into trouble. Tell me, what trouble did you get into? My parents
are so tired that they disagree.”
“Brother, I really didn’t cause any trouble. I just wanted to go to Annenburg in Province X.”
“Why are you going to Annenburg in Province X?”
During the New Year, the elderly like to have their children and grandchildren back, and the whole family was in order.
It would be even better if they added a few more granddaughter-in-laws.
It was known that Hayden would come back with Kevin for the New Year and that he would get engaged. He had not received
any new news yet.
Come to think of it, getting engaged was not far away.
“I want to apply for a job as a chef. The Ormond family in Annenburg is recruiting a chef. Miss Ormond loves to eat and has a
very picky mouth. The chefs in her family are very demanding. I want to give it a try. It is also a challenge for me.”
Zachary frowned, and after relaxing his brows, he asked, “Did grandma choose the daughter of the Ormond family?”
Annenburg in Province X was too far away.
Annenburg in Province X seemed to be a neighboring city to Havenmill.
Titus was from there.
Was Grandma planning to break into that muddy water?

The York family was close with the Johnson family, and Dr. Carden treated Camryn’s eyes. Elisa would be the fifth young lady in
the Johnson family, and she was related to Serenity. The York family and the Johnson family had many other connections as
well. Whatever happened to the Johnson family in the future, the York family couldn’t sit idly by.
But both the Johnson family and the York family were too far away from Havenmill in Province X. If they wanted to help Titus in
the future, they would be far away and couldn’t save the fire nearby.
If they have connections in Annenburg in Province X, they might be able to help.
Zachary thought far ahead, but Tatum didn’t think of this level.
Zachary didn’t say anything about Grandma’s advance plan. It was just his guess.
Maybe grandma simply liked the daughter of the Ormond family.
Tatum’s face turned red.
He had nothing to hide from Zachary.
Zachary was smarter than Serenity.
Tatum said, “Grandma has chosen the oldest daughter of the Ormond family, Elora Ormond, to be my wife.”
Zachary had a knowing expression. He asked, “How many daughters are there in the Ormond family?”
Tatum said, “In Elora’s generation, there are only two brothers and seven sisters. Elora is the oldest of the sisters. She is the
Ormond family’s oldest daughter. For people with four bedrooms, only the first bedroom for the eldest and the fourth bedroom
have sons, while the second and third bedrooms only have daughters.
Elora has a younger sister and a younger brother. The younger brother is twenty years younger than her and has just entered
the first grade of elementary school.”
Since the young master of the Ormond family was too young and far away from taking over, the business of the Ormond family
was currently managed by Elora and other sisters.
Elora was the eldest of the siblings, so she had a heavier burden.

After Zachary pondered for a moment, he said, “She is the eldest daughter, and you are the youngest son. It’s commonly
believed that the youngest son and the oldest daughter make a suitable match for marriage.”
In most families, the youngest son is spoiled and prone to a lack of responsibility. When he gets a wife, he must marry the eldest
daughter. Frequently, the eldest daughter assumes responsibility. This eliminates the couple’s concerns about no one taking
Tatum didn’t feel that he was useless; he was just not as stable as his elder brother, Zachary.
Tatum said, “Grandma picked her for me. I only know this much right now. I don’t know who she is. Whether she can develop
feelings is even more unknown.”

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