Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2982

The car Serenity usually used was parked at the door of the house.
The bodyguard opened the car door for Sonny, helped him get into the car, and fastened his seat belt.
After Serenity got in the car, she took off her heels and put on flat shoes.
“Sonny, have you fastened your seat belt?” Serenity turned around and asked.
“Uncle helped Sonny fasten his seat belt. Auntie, you can drive now.” Serenity smiled, turned around, and quickly started driving
the car.
Twenty minutes later, two cars parked in the parking lot at the entrance of the kindergarten.
Serenity got off the car.
Sonny had already unbuckled his seat belt and carried his small schoolbag. Serenity opened the car door. As he got out of the
car, he told her, “Auntie, when Uncle Lewis comes to pick me up in the afternoon, remember to ask Uncle Lewis to help me carry
my suitcase.”
Serenity teased him with a smile: “Aren’t you going home first? How about you go home and eat before setting off?”
Sonny’s eyes flashed, and after thinking for a while, he said, “Uncle Lewis won’t starve me. If you follow Uncle Lewis, you don’t
have to be afraid of anything.”
Duncan had become a father in Sonny’s heart, and a father was like a towering tree in the eyes of his children. With his father
here, there was nothing to be afraid of.
Serenity smiled.
It’s a good thing that Sonny could trust Duncan 100%.
When Duncan and Liberty got married, the family of three got along harmoniously.
The biggest fear for women who get divorced and remarry with children is that their second husband and her husband’s family
cannot accept the children, or that they reluctantly accept the children but treat them badly.
It was Duncan and the Lewis family’s attitude towards Sonny that made Liberty determined to accept Duncan’s feelings.

The Lewis family had even prepared for the fact that Duncan would only have Sonny in his life.
Sonny was not Duncan’s biological child, and his biological father often visited him, but Sonny grew up beside Duncan, and he
was able to cultivate a deep father-son relationship.
Of course, if Liberty is willing to give birth to a baby for Duncan after marriage, the Lewis family will be very happy, regardless of
At least their son would have a child who was related by blood.
The Lewis family did not say this.
They were afraid that Liberty would not be happy after hearing this, which would affect her relationship with Duncan.
After Duncan was in a car accident and had yet to get back on his feet, the Lewis family was cautious about their relationship
with the two of them. They were most afraid that Liberty would have a knot in her heart and be unwilling to marry Duncan.
Serenity led Sonny forward. Not far away, she met Mrs. Labbe (Carrie) head-on.
Carrie was waiting for Serenity at the entrance of the kindergarten in advance.
They had to run into each other often, meet more often, and become familiar with each other before they could slowly become
Carrie first nodded and smiled at Serenity, then stopped.
“Mrs. Labbe, you sent your sister-in-law.”
Carrie smiled and said, “She asked me to send her there, so I got up early and sent her here.”
She looked down at Sonny, who greeted her politely.
“Boss, your nephew is so cute.” Carrie praised Sonny.
Serenity also looked at Sonny, then said, “The children are all cute.”
She has not met Mrs. Labbe’s sister-in-law yet.

Serenity said, “Mrs. Labbe, I’ll send my nephew in first.”
Carrie smiled and said, “Okay.”
Serenity pulled Sonny and walked past Carrie.
She smelled the strong scent of perfume.
Serenity didn’t usually use perfume, but she had perfumes from all major famous brands and had smelled the scents of those
famous brands.
It could be seen that the perfume Carrie was wearing was a new perfume recently launched by one of the famous brands.
The price was not cheap.
Judging from Carrie’s current situation, she couldn’t afford such an expensive perfume.
Camryn put a significant strain on Carrie’s living expenses. She was starving to death and would not let her spend money
If she wants to spend more money, earn it herself.
Serenity thought to herself that this Mrs. Labbe was probably not Carrie.
It’s just that she looked and sounded like Carrie.

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