Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2983

However, Serenity had never seen Mrs. Labbe and Carrie present at the same time, so she still had doubts about Mrs. Labbe.
Unless she is allowed to see two women appear at the same time, then it can be ruled out that Mrs. Labbe is Carrie pretending
to be her.
Carrie did not wait for serenity at the same place.
The two met by chance now, and it would be too deliberate if she waited there for Serenity.
It would easily arouse suspicion.
Mr. Labbe told her that Serenity’s people were checking on her.
Of course, nothing useful could be found.
Serenity also suspected that she was Carrie.
Carrie remembered meeting Camryn, whom she hated the most. Camryn was very familiar with her voice. It was probably
Camryn who told Serenity that Serenity checked her out.
Fortunately, Mr. Labbe is quite capable and lets Serenity find nothing.
All that could be found was false information created for her by Mr. Labbe.
He must know that Serenity and Jasmine were good best friends; Jasmine was the young mistress of the Bucham family, and
the Bucham family has a strong information network.
If Serenity wanted to investigate a person, she would definitely have the power of the Bucham family.
No evidence could be found to expose Mrs. Labbe as Carrie, which reassured Carrie a lot.
When she met Serenity, she behaved more and more naturally.
It was as if she was really Mrs. Labbe, not Carrie, and she had nothing to do with Serenity.
Mr. Labbe also said that there would be a banquet tomorrow night and asked her to attend it with two bodyguards and appear as
Mrs. Labbe.

The banquet was attended by ladies from Wiltspoon’s upper class.
Rosella would also take her daughter-in-law, Camryn, with her to attend the banquet tomorrow night.
Camryn became famous in Wiltspoon’s upper-class society after she took over everything in the Newman family. Later, she
became the second young lady of the York family, and she became even more famous.
But she rarely attended banquets or social events.
Because she was blind before, it was inconvenient.
The York family did not dislike her for being blind and accepted her marriage to Callum.
But it was very inconvenient to bring a blind woman to the banquet. Neither the wives of the York family nor Callum had ever
brought Camryn to the banquet, and it was Camryn who refused.
Camryn had regained her sight back then. Although her eyesight had not completely returned to normal, she could at least see
everything in front of her.
As the head of the Newman family and the second young lady of the York family, she would always have to socialize in the
Rosella would take her to the banquet tomorrow night. Needless to say, everyone knows what the York family means.
First, let everyone know that Camryn was also very favored in her husband’s family, and the relationship between mother-in-law
and daughter-in-law was harmonious.
The second was to bring Camryn into upper-class society.
Although Camryn was the eldest daughter of the Newman family at first, in the past twenty years, she has not even been as
good as a servant.
Everyone only knew Miss Newman.
Camryn made too few friends.
In the future, when she walked into the business world, she would have to deal with many bosses and always need to socialize.

Her father died early, her mother was in jail, and she had no parents to take care of her. Her in-laws were willing to take her to
play, and they treated her like a daughter and pampered her.
The York family had always protected their own shortcomings.
Ever since Tania defended her daughter-in-law and scolded the wife who called her to complain, everyone in the circle knew that
it didn’t matter what the young lady of the York family was; they just respected her.
Don’t have a long tongue and go talk about someone’s daughter-in-law, or you’ll get slapped in the face.
“Auntie, goodbye.”
Serenity handed Sonny to the teacher, and the teacher led Sonny inside. As Sonny walked, he turned around and waved to
Serenity to say goodbye.
“Auntie, remember my suitcase.”
Sonny was afraid that Serenity was too busy at work and forgot to give his suitcase to Uncle Lewis.
Duncan came to the kindergarten to pick him up from kindergarten in the afternoon, and then the two of them flew directly to
Therefore, his suitcase must be handed over to Duncan in advance.

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