Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2985

Camryn replied to her, “I’m full of dog food.”
Serenity couldn’t hold back the smile on her lips.
She replied to Camryn, “Callum also loves you a lot.”
They were all people soaking in a honey vat.
Camryn was busy, so Serenity didn’t send any more messages.
She walked back to her car and was about to get in when she heard someone calling her.
She turned around and saw Hank.
Hank came over and saw she was alone and asked, “Did you send Sonny in?”
“Yes, you want to see Sonny?”
Hank smiled and said, “I was passing by with a guest, and I wanted to come and see Sonny. I thought you guys hadn’t come
here yet, but I didn’t expect you to be so early.”
“Sonny is fine.”
Serenity’s attitude towards this ex-brother-in-law was indifferent.
Hank smiled again and said, “I know Sonny is very good. Your sister and I are very relieved that Sonny will be taken care of by
you. I heard from Sonny that it will take a long time for your sister to come back from a business trip.”
Serenity asked, “Is something wrong?”
Hank said, “It’s nothing, just asking casually.”
After Hank was silent for a while, he asked again, “Is it really going to take a long time for your sister to come back?”
Serenity: “Not sure.”
“oh.” Kevin was obviously disappointed.

Serenity said coldly, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”
“okay.” Hank hesitated to speak. But in the end, he didn’t say anything. He stood there and watched Serenity get into the car and
watch her drive away.
When Serenity’s car was out of sight, Hank turned around and walked towards his own car.
He did not work for the company again, mainly because he could not find a suitable one.
He was also well-known in Wiltspoon, but his reputation was ugly, and all was negative news.
There were also many people who liked to use him as the best example of reality.
He betrayed his family, had an affair, and got divorced. As a result, he missed the opportunity to become a relative of the most
wealthy family.
He married a mistress, but both lost their jobs. The mistress also committed a crime and even stabbed him with a knife, causing
him to almost lose his life.
How many women were saying why he was not dead? A scmbag like him deserved to die. It would be very satisfying to die in
the hands of a so-called true love mistress. This was the fate of a scmbag.
He couldn’t find a job, and his savings were all spent.
Forget it; if he doesn’t have money, his wife and children will be separated.
Hank didn’t dare to take a break. As soon as he took a break, he would think of everything he had and regret it.
His parents and sisters all talked about him.
But, back then, didn’t they also bully Liberty with him?
Liberty was disappointed not only with him but also with everyone in his family.
They persuaded him to divorce Jessica and pursue Liberty again. They just saw that Liberty could make money and knew that
Serenity had married into the most wealthy family. Liberty had successfully lost weight and regained her previous appearance,
beauty, and confidence!

He promised Liberty that he would not disturb Liberty’s life again.
There was also a son involved between them.
Sonny was also getting further and further away from him.
Sonny liked Duncan more.
Thinking of Duncan and Liberty, Hank still felt sour in his heart. The woman he despised was regarded as a treasure by other
men. When he wanted to go back, there was no way out.
The busy time passed quickly.
It was afternoon in a blink of an eye.

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