Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2986

Serenity’s car stopped at the entrance of Lewis & Co., waiting for Duncan to come out.
Duncan didn’t keep her waiting and got out of the car in less than two minutes.
Duncan pressed down the car window and said with a smile, “Just leave Sonny’s suitcase to me.”
Serenity said, “I will take you to the plane, Brother Duncan. Sonny’s things are all in my car. Sonny’s class is about to end. Let’s
go to kindergarten first.”
After Duncan answered, he asked her again, “Zack didn’t come over?”
“I didn’t tell him; he was also very busy.”
Duncan nodded. Zachary was indeed very busy.
Serenity drove first, followed by Duncan’s car.
When they arrived at the kindergarten, they unexpectedly met Carrie again.
Carrie created opportunities for chance encounters at the entrance of the kindergarten every day.
“Madam boss, are you here to pick up your nephew again?”
Carrie asked Serenity, who was walking over with a smile.
Seeing Duncan with serenity, Carrie’s beautiful eyes twinkled. If Serenity hadn’t been approaching, she would have wanted to
take a photo of Serenity and Duncan together.
Zachary doted on Serenity like crazy. Did he know that Serenity and Duncan are together?
Serenity asked, “Well, Mrs. Labbe is also here to pick up your sister-in-law.”
“Yes, I pick her up and drop her off every day as long as she is in kindergarten. Tomorrow is the weekend, so she can have two
days off. Oh, and she can’t take a rest. She wants me to take her to the children’s playground. Although my parents-in-law are

resting at home, even if they are resting, they still have endless things to deal with and endless business to discuss. They have
to treat customers to dinner or play golf with them. They are very busy.”
Carrie lied more and more naturally. She lied so much that she took it all seriously.
It’s as if she was really the wife of the Labbe family, and she really had a sister-in-law and a brother-in-law.
“My sister-in-law doesn’t follow my parents-in-law. She sticks to me every day. I feel like the daughter my parents-in-law gave
birth to was born for me. As my eldest sister-in-law, I am really like a mother.”
Carrie sighed.
Serenity smiled and said, “A sister-in-law is like a mother.”
Serenity told the teacher at the door that she wanted to pick up Sonny, and the teacher passed the message inside.
She was waiting for Sonny to come out.
Carrie stood next to Serenity, but her eyes were looking at Duncan, who was sitting in a wheelchair and being pushed by
“Madam boss, is this the fourth young master of the Lewis family? I’ve met him a few times from a distance, and I have some
Carrie did not have a deep impression of Duncan. Normally, she rarely even meets these outstanding men.
Occasionally she met him at banquets, and she even looked at him from a distance.
Serenity hummed lightly.
Carrie saw Serenity’s indifferent attitude and wisely did not ask any more questions.
But she was humming in her heart.
Oh, by the way, Serenity had a biological sister named Liberty, who seemed to be having an affair with the fourth young master
of the Lewis family.
Carrie remembered.

She was extremely disappointed.
She thought she had caught evidence of Serenity’s cheating.
She was overthinking it.
The matter of Duncan and Liberty was also widely spread in Wiltspoon.
The main reason was that Liberty was a divorced woman with a son.
Although Duncan was an older young man, he came from a rich family. Even if he had a scar on his face, it was quite scary. As
long as he was willing to marry someone with status and money, there were many girls who wanted to marry him.
But he fell in love with Liberty, a divorced woman.
Duncan was in a wheelchair and had a close relationship with Liberty.
The Lewis family elders did not agree with the two of them being together and wanted to stop Duncan from finding Liberty.
Duncan got into a car accident while racing and lost both of his legs.
Carrie mentally scolded Serenity and Liberty for being fairies who could easily seduce men’s hearts.

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