Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2991

After looking at the potted plants and a few vases of flowers, Serenity sat back on the sofa.
She took out your phone and send a message to Liberty.
“Sister, Brother Duncan has taken Sonny to the airport. They will arrive in the evening.”
Liberty called quickly.
“I received a message from Duncan and knew that they were arriving at the airport soon. I waited for them to arrive and have
dinner together.”
On Friday, Sonny got off Kindergarten very early, and it only took a few hours to fly from Wiltspoon to Jensburg. Liberty could eat
later, so she could wait for Duncan and Sonny to arrive.
“Sonny’s father went to pick Sonny up?” Liberty asked Serenity.
“I took Sonny to Kindergarten in the morning and met Hank. He said that he happened to be sending a guest nearby, so he went
to the kindergarten to see Sonny. Sonny had already entered the kindergarten.” Serenity didn’t quite believe Hank’s words, she
continued, “I think he went there on purpose. Just now he saw Sonny and Brother Duncan together, as close as a father and
son. He must have been jealous, and wanted to take Sonny away. Sonny was afraid of dying if he picked him up, and said he
wanted to go to Jensburg with Brother Duncan. I think Sonny dislikes going back to Brown’s house less and less.”
There was irony in Serenity’s words.
The Brown family seemed to care about Sonny, their only grandson, but in fact, from what they did, it could be seen that they did
not have deep feelings for Sonny, and many times they wanted to take advantage of Sonny.
Hank was sincere to Sonny, after all, they were his biological father and son.
But Hank himself cheated and divorced, and also married the person he cheated on.
After learning about Liberty and Duncan, she felt unhappy again. He told Liberty that she would never bother her again, but he
would still say all kinds of bad things about Duncan in front of Sonny.
Sonny was very smart. He knew who treated him well or not.

Even if his own father said bad things about Duncan too much, Sonny didn’t like hearing it anymore, so he didn’t like going to
Brown’s house.
Liberty was silent and then said: “Lucas used to bully Sonny, and he still does now. Fortunately, Sonny has started to learn
Martial arts and is stronger than before. If there is no adult to distract him, Lucas can’t beat Sonny.”
“Sonny’s grandparents won’t be biased, let alone Chelsea. She has always been a selfish person.”
“Seren, you don’t know how shameless Chelsea is. She actually coaxed Sonny to give her money to turn around the business.
How can she be an aunt like this? A person in her thirties or forties can coax a three-year-old kid for money.”
Serenity scolded Chelsea.
“If Sonny doesn’t want to go there in the future, don’t coax Sonny to go there. That family really can’t change its behavior.”
Serenity was extremely glad that Liberty was able to get a divorce and did not compromise for the sake of her children.
“That family can also act and deceive people.”
The two sisters were deceived by them at first, thinking that the Brown family was very good and they could really pretend.
Before Liberty got married and got pregnant, her true colors were not revealed.
“I have always respected Sonny’s decision. That is, when Hank was injured and hospitalized, I coaxed Sonny to go visit him.”
“At that time, I thought Hank was about to die. I thought he was Sonny’s biological father, so I wanted to go and see him.”
Liberty didn’t want to end up with the Brown family.
She had started a new life again.

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