Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2995

Zachary looked distressed. “If you can’t take care of it, then don’t take care of it. I’ll take care of it for you. Seren, I hope you will
be carefree all your life.”
Serenity’s hand touched his handsome face.
“Husband, every time I see you, I am very grateful to my grandma for allowing me to marry such a wonderful person like you. I
am also grateful to your family for never despising me or saying that I am not worthy of you.”
Zachary said, “I know you are very kind to me and don’t want to make me tired.”
Serenity said, “Since I married you and am the eldest young lady of the York family, I will shoulder the burdens that are my
responsibility. I cannot escape or refuse.”
Zachary said, “You are already busy enough; how can I ask you to help me again?”
Serenity said confidently, “I will definitely be able to do everything well.”
“I’m not complaining, really. You know, I’m quite career-minded.” Zachary said. He looked at her deeply. For a long time, he
pressed her into his arms and hugged her for a moment before letting go of her.
Zachary said, “Once you get familiar with it, that’s fine. Look at my mom. She is already familiar with it because she has been in
charge for decades. She has also trained many elite people under her control. My mom just needs to check the accounts after a
while. You have already entered the room. After the baby is born, you can slowly start to cultivate your own elite confidants. In
the future, you can be a hands-off shopkeeper like my mother.”
Serenity nodded. “I will learn from mom. You go and do things quickly. When we are done, we will go home and have dinner.
Mom just sent me a message asking us to go back for dinner tonight. Tatum is here, and he will cook the food himself.”
Tatum was thinking about going on a long trip, and because he caused his parents to have a small conflict, he came over to have
dinner with his parents.
He also planned to spend time with his parents this weekend. He will fly to Annenburg in Province X on Monday to apply for a job
as a chef in the Ormond family.
Of course, Tatum would not take the initiative to tell Elora that he was the sixth young master of the York family after traveling so
far to be a chef. In case Elora didn’t hire him,.

Fortunately, his reputation was not famous, and he was usually low-key. People in Wiltspoon were not familiar with him, the Sixth
Young Master York, let alone Elora, who was far away in X Province.
Zachary said with a smile, “Then we have to go back for dinner. Seren, you read here for a while; I’ll go do something.”
Zachary took a book and gave it to his wife to pass the time.
At half past five in the evening, Zachary closed the computer, stood up, and walked out of the desk.
Serenity looked up at him walking over, with a smile on his face, and asked him, “Are you done?”
Zachary said, “Well, let’s go home.”
Serenity stood up, and he reached out. She put her hand into his palm, and he held it, and he led her away.
Serenity asked, “Tomorrow is the weekend; you don’t have to play with your clients, right?”
“No, how many people can I take them to play with?” Zachary asked back.
Unless it was a very important client, Zachary could be taken around by Wiltspoon.
Serenity asked, “Then, shall we go back to Wildridge Manor?”
Zachary said dotingly, “If you want to go back, we can. The temperature will drop tomorrow to a minimum of four to five degrees.
The manor will be a little colder.”
“No matter how cold it is, it won’t snow.” Serenity said.

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