Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2998

Liam immediately said, “Mom, I will take Tania shopping later. She can buy whatever she likes, as long as she is happy.”
Grandma May sat down and said, “You are about to become a grandfather. You must set a good example for your children and
Liam said, “Mom, I have always been a role model for Zack and Tatum.”
Grandma May said, “You two go to the kitchen to help Tatum.”
“Mom, it’s time to eat.” Liam said as if he were taking credit, “Tatum prepared the meal a long time ago.”
Grandma May glanced at Zachary.
Liam smiled sarcastically, then glanced at Zachary, and both father and son walked to the kitchen.
After leaving the father and son, Grandma May put on a smile and said to Tania and Serenity, “We, mother-in-law and daughter-
in-law, will go shopping later. I haven’t bought anything for a long time. Let me buy some skirts for my precious great-
Tania echoed: “Yes, yes, I need to buy more skirts.”
Serenity: “Grandma, Mom, the baby hasn’t been born yet, and it may not be a daughter.”
Grandma May and Tania looked at Serenity at the same time.
Serenity: “Okay, okay.”
Give them a little fantasy.
When the baby was born and the illusion was shattered, they couldn’t blame her.
She was mentally prepared to give birth to a son.
The York family had not had a daughter for several generations. Was she so lucky to have a daughter at the same time?
Sonny had already said that she was carrying a little brother.
“By the way, where is Sonny?”

Grandma May later realized that a small figure was missing.
Grandma May said, “I always felt that something was missing after I came back, but now I remember that Sonny is missing. Did
the Lewis family pick up Sonny?”
Serenity said, “Sonny knew that grandma had to cry just now when she thought of him. Grandma always said she loved him the
most, but it took her so long to remember him. Sonny is going to Jensburg with Brother Duncan to spend the weekend. He
should be there soon.”
Serenity looked at the sky outside, and it was getting dark. Well, in winter, it gets dark quickly.
Grandma May said, “Duncan didn’t even say a word to me. I also miss Liberty and want to go to Jensburg.”
Tania said hurriedly, “Mom, it takes several hours to fly to Jensburg. Please don’t go.”
“I don’t go by plane; I go by car and play and walk along the way.”
Tania: “…”
Sometimes she wanted to be like her mother-in-law and go wherever she wanted in a cool and unrestrained manner, but she
didn’t have her mother-in-law’s abilities or her connections.
Mainly because Liam wanted to follow her.
Grandma said, “Tania, help me pick out some sets of jewelry and give them to Hayden when I go to Jensburg.”
Hayden had publicly admitted that she was a woman, which showed that her relationship with Kevin was very strong.
“Okay,.” Tania readily agreed.
“When I go, I’ll ask Kevin’s family to go with me. Jensburg is bustling.”
Tania said, “Then Liam and I will follow, and Kevin and Hayden should also make an appointment. Let’s meet like elders, have a
meal, get acquainted, and then sit down to discuss the wedding matters of the two small parties.”
Grandma may have thought for a while and said, “Then let’s call everyone. Since we are discussing the wedding, let Kevin’s
family bring her the betrothal gift that she prepared long ago and formally propose marriage to the Queen family. But we can’t run

over suddenly; at least the Queen family is not prepared and caught off guard. Let’s make arrangements.”
Tania nodded repeatedly.
Yes, they couldn’t suddenly rush to propose marriage. They must first communicate with Mr. and Mrs. Queen, and then they, the
senior warlords, could all go out together.

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