Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 3000

“Auntie, it’s so cold here, and the wind is so strong. I almost got blown away by the wind when I got off the plane.” Sonny spoke
in an exaggerated tone.
Serenity said, “Then you should wear two more clothes. Don’t let the wind blow it away. If it blows away, I won’t know where to
find you.”
Sonny laughed loudly. “Auntie, I lied to you. The wind is so strong that it can’t blow me away. I have grown up, and the wind can’t
blow me away. But it’s really cold. Mom said it will still snow here, but it’s not snowing now.”
Jensburg was indeed much colder than Wiltspoon.
Fortunately, she stuffed some thick clothes into Sonny’s suitcase.
Sonny said, “Uncle Lewis and I have already gotten into my mom’s new car. The heater is on. It’s not that cold now. Uncle Lewis
holds me, and I feel warmer.”
Serenity said, “Well, then remember to put on an extra coat when you get off the car. I have stuffed thick clothes into your box.
It’s cold; tell your mom to drive slower.”
Sonny said, “It’s not mom who drives; Uncle Jim drives.”
Sonny and Jim were the most familiar, and Jim was arranged to follow Liberty to Jensburg.
When Sonny saw Jim, he was so happy that he almost jumped up and let Jim hug him and spin him around several times.
Duncan almost became jealous.
Sonny added, “Uncle Jim said that he drives very steadily, so please rest assured.”
Serenity smiled. “Uncle Jim will drive, so I’ll be relieved. Where’s your mom?”
“by my side.”
Sonny handed the phone to Liberty.
He snuggled into Duncan’s arms and said in a sweet voice, “Uncle Lewis, it’s so cold. Please hold me tight. Uncle Lewis’s arms
are so warm.”

Duncan pulled open his coat, wrapped Sonny in it, and said, “It’s a bit far from the airport to your mom’s residence. You should
sleep for a while, and I’ll wake you up when we get there.”
He and Liberty had a thousand things to say.
Due to the presence of Sonny, a small light bulb, the two of them were holding back and could not whisper.
“Uncle Lewis, please wake me up when the time comes.” Sonny really wanted to take a nap.
He felt a little sleepy, primarily because Uncle Lewis’s coat had warmed him up and because he was back in the car.
Duncan said, “Go to sleep; I will definitely wake you up. We haven’t eaten yet. I’m not willing to let you go hungry.”
Sonny squinted his eyes in relief.
Within a few minutes, he fell asleep quickly.
When Serenity still wanted to say a few words to Sonny, Liberty told her sister, “Sonny is asleep.”
Serenity smiled and said, “It’s only been a few minutes, and he fell asleep. I don’t think he has slept well in the past two days,
and he is thinking about looking for you.”
Sonny didn’t sleep well, and he couldn’t hold on for a few days. Now that he finally saw his mom, he felt relieved, but he couldn’t
hold on anymore and was taken to dinner by a sweet dream.
Serenity said, “Sister, I won’t disturb you anymore. Zachary and I are taking a walk in the yard and will go shopping with
Grandma later. Grandma said she hasn’t gone shopping in a long time.”
“Okay, then pay attention.”
Liberty said a few words before ending the call.
After listening to the conversation between Serenity and Libert, Zachary asked, “Are you going out with Grandma later?”
Serenity said, “Grandma said she wanted to go out for a walk. Mom and I will accompany her for a walk. You can also go along
and help us get things.”
Zachary smiled. “Okay, I’ll follow and get your things.”

He was mainly worried about grandma, fearing that grandma would take Serenity and Tania somewhere to spend the weekend
vacation on a whim while she was out shopping.
Grandma had done something like this.
Before Seren became pregnant, Grandma kidnapped Seren and left him behind. She went to Annenburg to play for a while
before coming back.
Zachary asked, “Sonny is asleep?”
Serenity asked, “Well, in the few minutes that my sister and I were talking, he felt asleep.”
“He is still young, and his mom is not around. It is normal for him to miss her when he knows that he can go to her.”
Zachary took Serenity’s hand and liked to interlock with her fingers.

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