Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 3001

At the same time, the Labbe family villa.
Since Carrie assumed the identity of Mrs. Labbe, the villa Mr. Labbe bought for her to live in naturally bore the surname Labbe.
She hung out until dark before returning to the villa.
The car drove her into the villa, and she saw the lights in the villa brightly lit.
She knew that Mr. Labbe was coming.
Carrie was a little nervous and a little scared. She had no illusions about Mr. Labbe.
At first, she thought about replacing the real Mrs. Labbe, conquering Mr. Labbe, and making him obedient to her.
Last time, Mr. Labbe almost strangled her to death and looked at her with such murderous eyes that she was frightened to death.
Knowing that she had not done what Mr. Labbe told her, Mr. Labbe would really kill her.
If she dared to have other ideas and make Mr. Labbe unhappy, she would not be able to please him.
He was very generous with his gifts. He gave her beautiful clothes and jewelry in sets, and he gave her more money than
Even if he didn’t come over, he would send her red envelopes from time to time.
If Mr. Labbe hadn’t pinched her neck, Carrie would have thought that Mr. Labbe really loved her.
“Madam, we’re home.”
After the bodyguard parked the car, he saw that Carrie was not moving in the back seat. After waiting for two minutes, Carrie sat
still and refused to get out of the car, so he was not allowed to turn around to remind her.
It was not her home.
Carrie roared in her heart.
Her home was the Newman family mansion, which was where she had lived since she was born. Camryn is currently occupying
it. What was even more annoying was that the house was really in Camryn’s name.

Her parents had taken her and her brother, Trenton, to live there for decades. All the workers there used to be centered around
their family of four. Carrie just couldn’t figure out why her parents didn’t change the names on the property certificate to theirs.
If it were changed, then the Newman family mansion would be the house in her parents’ name, and she would have a share in it.
Camryn wouldn’t be able to drive her out as arbitrarily as she is now.
She managed to calm Carrie’s fear of Mr. Labbe.
She said sheepishly, “I was in a daze thinking about something just now.”
She picked up her bag, opened the door, and got out of the car.
Looking at the luxuriously decorated villa in front of her, Carrie took a few deep breaths before walking towards the house.
The two bodyguards did not follow her in again.
As long as Mr. Labbe came over, no one else could enter without his consent. There would only be him and Carrie in the room.
Just because this man was sometimes a little perverted when it came to matters between men and women and she was afraid of
being seen by his subordinates, she didn’t like to let the bodyguards into the house when he came over.
He tortured Carrie in a sinister manner, which made her even more afraid of him. Fortunately, he was not so perverted all the
time. Privately, she asked the bodyguard how Mr. Labbe treated the real Mrs. Labbe.
The bodyguard gave her a cold look in return, saying that she was not qualified to inquire about Mrs. Labbe.
Carrie was so angry that she was half dead. She was the second young lady of the Newman family after all.
The two bodyguards showed no respect for her at all, and the respect they showed outside was all fake. They acted for others to
Carrie preferred to be outside. Outside, at least she had dignity, so the two bodyguards who monitor her would treat her
She could go wherever she wanted, but Mr. Labbe did not restrict her freedom.

When she reached the door of the house, Carrie stopped. She tidied her clothes first, then took out the small mirror she brought
with her from her bag and took a look in the mirror to make sure that she was in good condition before she took the next step.
With a confident pace, she twisted her waist and entered.
She was still young, only in her early twenties.
The age of a flower. It was very tender.

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