Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 3003

After Carrie thought for a while, she said, “Yes, Camryn has heard my voice, and I will definitely see her again.
If she hears my voice differently next time, she will be suspicious.
She doubts me now, right? But how could Serenity doubt me? I actually haven’t met her a few times.” Mr. Labbe glanced at her
and said, “Serenity has a very good memory.” Carrie stopped talking.
Camryn also had a good memory.
She had been blind for ten years and relied on her good memory to survive.
Mr. Labbe also added, “That blind sister of yours…” “Mr. Labbe, she is no longer blind.
She regained her sight a long time ago.
Callum invited some miraculous doctor’s apprentice to help her heal her eyes.” Speaking of this, Carrie said bitterly, “Why is she
so lucky?” When Callum got close to Camryn, Camryn was still blind, but Callum didn’t dislike her.
Her two aunts also went to Wildridge Manor to meet Rosella at that time, saying that Camryn was blind and not worthy of
As a result, Rosella said very domineeringly that the second young wife of the York family did not need to do anything, as long as
she knew how to spend money.
Her two aunts were so angry that they were almost mad with jealousy, but they didn’t dare go mad at the York family.
Camryn had seen the light of day again and obtained a marriage certificate with Callum.
Carrie was afraid that her position in the York family would become even stronger.
Didn’t it mean that Camryn would follow her mother-in-law to attend the banquet tomorrow night? In the past, whenever there
was a banquet in the upper class, her mother would take her to attend.
She would never take Camryn with her.
When she bullied Camryn, she mocked Camryn for never being able to enter the upper-class society in Wiltspoon.
Reality slapped her hard in the face.

Now it was she, Carrie, who had been squeezed out of the upper-class circle.
When Camryn first entered, Rosella took her to socialize.
Camryn was still in charge of all the Newman family’s business.
The more Carrie thought about it, the more she hated it.
The expression on her face was distorted.
Mr. Labbe saw this; a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes, and he said calmly, “The miracle doctor has only one apprentice.
She was raised by the miracle doctor since she was a child.
She has all the medical skills inherited from the miracle doctor.
She is also good at using poison to detoxify.
A disciple of a miracle doctor helps your blind sister heal her eyes.
Naturally, she will be able to see again after the medicine is applied.” Carrie said bitterly, “That’s why I say she is lucky!” Mr.
Labbe pursed his lips and stopped talking.
He had to say that Camryn was very lucky.
Callum drew Camryn in, and he later hired a miraculous doctor to help her treat her eyes.
The miraculous doctor’s disciple was the fourth young lady in the Johnson family.
If he hadn’t been wary of the old guys behind her, he wouldn’t have had to take the winding route and use Carrie to get close to
Serenity and find out the whereabouts of the child, Titus.
In fact, Mr. Labbe guessed that Ben and Jane’s adopted son, Titus, was the person he was looking for.
That totem must be on that kid.
He slaughtered all the direct lineage, except for the little bstard.
So many people desperately hugged the little bstard and ran for their lives, willing to die to keep him safe.

He did not believe that those people were trying their best to keep the previous head of the family, and they must have wanted to
send away the totem.
Without the totem, even if he slaughtered all his direct

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