Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 3004

It was even more impossible to truly inherit everything from the Labbe family.
He could only be a temporary agent all the time; no matter how outstanding his ability was, he could take good care of the Labbe
When Titus grew up and came back with the family master’s tokens and totems, he would have to abdicate unconditionally and
hand over everything he had worked so hard for.
The real powerful connections of the Labbe clan would also be loyal to Titus.
Therefore, he wanted to take advantage of the fact that Titus had not grown up and was unable to take revenge, so he would first
get the tokens and totems and then silence him.
In this way, he could truly become the master of the Labbe clan and command the Labbe clan.
But as soon as he suspected that the child was Jane’s adopted son, the clues were cut off, and he could no longer find any
information related to the child.
FC Manor was protected like an iron barrel, and Mr. Labbe could put his finger in it.
But he was afraid of offending those real worldly masters and the Five Emperors Hall, a mysterious organization behind them
that operated at home and abroad.
The Labbe family was very powerful, and the only reason he complained was that he was not the real master of the Labbe
family, so naturally he did not dare to compete with the Five Emperors Hall.
He could only find out first whether Jane’s adopted son was the little guy he was looking for.
“Mr. Labbe.” Carrie thought of something, and she called Mr. Labbe carefully.
Mr. Labbe looked at her, waiting for her to speak.
Carrie said, “Mr. Labbe, Serenity has to pick up her nephew to go to kindergarten every day.
I pretend to pick up my sister-in-law.
I often meet her at the entrance of the kindergarten.

She has never seen me pick up the so-called sister-in-law.
We can’t keep going like this.
See if you can arrange a child for me to cooperate with my work.” Mr. Labbe smiled and said, “Your suggestion is good.
If there is progress, OK, I will let them arrange a child for you to act with.” “Sonny is in the kindergarten class.
Tell me how old your sister-in-law will be.” “She must be four or five years old.
It’s the same as Sonny’s age.” Mr. Labbe hummed, “I’ll assign you a kid in kindergarten to act with you.” Carrie said, “Thank you,
Mr. Labbe.” Mr. Labbe added, “And your so-called brother-in-law will also arrange someone for you, which will also reduce their
suspicion of you.” Serenity and Camryn suspected that Mrs.
Labbe was Carrie, but they were just suspicions.
There was no strong evidence to prove that they were the same person.
In Carrie’s current situation, she couldn’t afford to spend the day and night, let alone hire bodyguards, buy a million-dollar luxury
car, and dress up like jewels.
The main reason was that Carrie wore a human skin mask and had a different face.
Only her voice and figure were similar, so she couldn’t be sure that she was the same person.
Although some of the people were not blood relatives at all, their voices were similar.
Not to mention the body shape, they were very similar.
“Remind me, when you appear in front of everyone as my wife, the mobile phone number you usually use must be muted.
You don’t have to turn it off.
If you turn it off, people will be more suspicious.
Just mute it.
Even if your sister calls you in front of you, your cell phone won’t ring.

You two sisters have turned against each other, just like enemies.
It’s normal for you not to answer her calls.” “With their intelligence, they will definitely find ways to verify whether you and Mrs.
Labbe are the same person.
The best way is to see if you two can appear in the same place at the same time.” Carrie’s beautiful eyes flashed.
She didn’t think too much about it.
Mr. Labbe was still thoughtful.
From his analysis of Camryn and Serenity, he had a clear understanding of their temperaments and ways of doing things.
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