Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 3013

“Liberty, it’s very late. Go to bed early. I’m also going back to my room to rest. Let’s have breakfast together tomorrow.” Duncan’s
voice was a little hoarse.
Liberty took the initiative to kiss him on the face and say, “Duncan, good night.”
Duncan said, “Good night.”
Liberty pushed him out, and he controlled the wheelchair back to his room.
The smile on his lips could not be suppressed, no matter what.
It was very sweet.
There was nothing more to say all night.
On the early morning of the weekend, Zachary didn’t have to go to work, and the weather suddenly turned cold.
Zachary, who always got up early, didn’t want to get up, so he stayed in bed and acted as a heater for his wife.
The temperature in Wiltspoon had dropped, and he felt very cold. In fact, the temperature was still around 10 degrees Celsius,
and the highest during the day was more than 10 degrees Celsius.
But for people in Wiltspoon, this temperature was already very cold.
Many people rushed to buy thick clothes online.
People in Wiltspoon bought thick clothes online, and merchants delivered goods very quickly. They were afraid that the order
would be canceled in a few days, because when the cold air in Wiltspoon moved south, it would be cold for a few days, and then
it would warm up again after a few days.
Shipping was slow. The weather was getting warmer. There was no need to wear thick clothes. Otherwise, cancel the order.
There was no heating in the room.
During the coldest days, Zachary didn’t turn on the heater. He didn’t turn it on. He turned on the heating, and Serenity felt hot
and stopped getting into his arms.
God knows how much he enjoyed the feeling of Serenity taking the initiative to crawl into his arms.

Don’t let Serenity know about this; at least she accuses him of being evil again.
Serenity’s WhatsApp message kept ringing as it received new messages.
She was woken up but didn’t want to move. She said to the man hugging her, “Husband, please help me find out who sent me so
many messages so early in the morning. It’s so disturbing.”
Zachary said, “I guess it’s Sonny.”
“Sonny is with his mother and would not send me a message so early. Maybe he is still dreaming.”
Serenity didn’t even open her eyes when she spoke. She was sleepy.
It was a rare weekend, so she naturally had to sleep in. She should be able to work well the following week after a good rest.
Zachary took her mobile phone and said, “It’s after eight o’clock. It’s late. In summer, you get up after six o’clock and go out for a
morning run.”
“It’s past eight o’clock?”
Serenity opened her eyes. She sat up, but soon lay down again, leaned towards him, and said, “I feel a lot colder today than
“The recent weather is the coldest today. It will get warmer next Tuesday.” Zachary looked at her phone and said, “It’s a picture
sent by your sister.”
“what picture?”
Serenity took the phone from Zachary’s hand and clicked on WhatsApp to see the new message, which was a picture of a snow
There were also several voice messages.
She clicked on the voice message, and Sonny’s childish voice sounded, “Auntie, auntie, I saw the snow. The snow is so thick
and white outside. I took a lot of snow scenes for you. Did you see it? Is it beautiful?”

“Auntie, mom said she would take me outside to build a snowman later.”
“Auntie, have you had breakfast? I had breakfast with Uncle Lewis and my mother.”
“I didn’t see the third uncle, Kevin. My mother said that the third uncle, Kevin, took my future third aunt on a trip. They went
wherever they went, and they didn’t take me with them.”
Sonny knew that Kevin was taking Hayden on vacation.
He said that he came too late and didn’t see Kevin, so he couldn’t travel with him.
Liberty said he had the potential to be a light bulb.
He was a light bulb, indeed. Kevin often referred to him as a light bulb and said he would shine brightly.

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